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Review: Shadow Ranch (iOS)

Over the past several months I’ve played a couple Nancy Drew games, but they were always for the PC. When I heard that a new Drew game called Shadow Ranch would be hitting iTunes I was curious to see how the PC gameplay would be implemented on a smaller scale. I was surprised when I was presented with a proper story rather than a hidden-object/puzzle game, but that’s not necessarily a ...[Read More]

Review: RoboSockets (iOS)

iPhone games are a dime a dozen these days. Some are good, but a majority of them are absolutely dreadful. Fortunately for Tatem Games, the team behind RoboSockets, they fall into the good category.

Review: Pucca Noodle Rush (iOS)

As a lover of time-management games and all things cute, I knew I had to get my hands on the new iOS Pucca game by Bigben Interactive, Noodle Rush. If you’re unfamiliar with the popular¬†Pucca, she’s a 10-year old girl who is the niece of three noodle shop owners. Since Noodle Rush was the first Pucca game I had ever played, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Review: The Pantheon Cycle: Shrouded Aspect (iOS)

Shrouded Aspect, the first of what will probably be many games in The Pantheon Cycle by Gilligames, is a turn-based RPG for iOS devices. I happen to be a fan of RPG’s, and I do love a good turn-based game (especially Civilization), so I’m having a hard time as to pin-pointing why I couldn’t get into Shrouded Aspect.

Review: Tropical Slots Deluxe (iOS)

Tropical Slots Deluxe, by Battery Acid Games, is a cute little indie game for iOS devices. While the game costs a mere $0.99, I often wished that it had a bit more oomph.

Review: Flick Buddies (iOS)

Bane Games, an indie studio based in Brisbane, Australia, recently released Flick Buddies which is ridiculously awesome. Everything about it, down to the character design, is so fun and so addicting, and if you don’t have this game on your iOS device, do so right now.

Put a little Steampunk on your iPad or iPhone this Christmas

Almost every child heard the famous Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol while growing up. Disney famously retold the story with Mickey and the gang, it’s hit the big screen with various actors like Jim Carrey, and now it’s coming to the iPhone and iPad!

Review: WordUs2 (iOS)

A few days ago I had the pleasure of downloading WordUs2 onto my iPhone. Developed by an unknown indie studio, Binary Dawn Interactive, I knew I was in for a treat when I heard an old school dial-up  modem going off as the game loaded.

Reviews: Railroad Racer 3D & Grumps (iOS)

For the past week or so, I’ve been playing two games on and off: Grumps and Railroad Racer 3D. Both are Indie titles, but they couldn’t be more different even if they tried.

Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (iOS)

With over a decade and a half between games, has Sonic returned to form?

Review: Tiki Toss 3D (iOS)

A few days ago I wrote about the upcoming Tiki Toss 3D iPhone game, and after having the opportunity to give it a shot early, here I am with my review.

Get Your Tiki On in 3D

Coming soon to the iTunes App Store is Tiki Toss 3D by Mellow Militia. Having a very island vibe to it, Tiki Toss 3D looks to be a lot of fun.

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