Jade Empire

BioWare Teases New Game

Earlier today BioWare released a teaser trailer and image for an upcoming, unnamed game. There really is little to be told however thanks to the provided media, we can begin to narrow it down and start to play the guessing game.

Dear BioWare, We Need to Talk…

Before I get into what I am about to say, it should be noted that the opinions expressed in this article are solely my own. It is not the opinion of our site as a whole, nor will this mean that our site will become anti-BioWare (because honestly, that would just be stupid). I personally feel that, as a gamer and a fan of BioWare, there are some things that need to be addressed.

Review: Dragon Age: Origins Awakening (X360)

I should probably start this review off saying that I am a big BioWare fan. I cracked out on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, so I wasn’t shocked when I lost many hours of my life to Dragon Age: Origins. Being a huge RPG fan, I found Dragon Age to be fantastic. When a proper expansion was announced, I was excited and counted down the days. Three DLC packs had already been re...[Read More]

Review: Dragon Age: Origins (X360)

Since childhood, I have been a great fan of fantasy.  I have played many fantasy-genre RPGs over the last two decades, and they remain one of my favorite genres of video game.  Needless to say, I was excited about the release of Dragon Age: Origins. One of my favorite RPGs for a very long time was Neverwinter Nights, released in 2002 by Bioware.  Hearing that Bioware, makers of amazing games such ...[Read More]

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