iPhone 4 on T-Mobile…with Working 3G?

Past iPhones have been unable to access T-Mobile’s 3G network due to a difference in frequencies between AT&T and T-Mobile, AT&T using the 1900MHz frequency, and T-Mobile using the 1700/2100MHz frequencies.  Since AT&T uses the 1900MHz frequency for 3G, this is what iPhone’s have been manufactured with the ability to support, meaning that an unlocked iPhone operating on T-M...[Read More]

iPhone Software Update 3.0

It’s about god damn time.  Yesterday morning the announcement was made that, come summer, the iPhone comes complete with MMS, cut/copy/paste, landscape keyboard functionality in Mail/Notes/SMS/etc, and more thanks to the 3.0 software update! Unfortunately, we still don’t have the freedom to run background processes, and the camera is still comparatively sub-par, but hey, can’t wi...[Read More]

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