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Review: Lumines Electronic Symphony (Vita)

I see people putting up high scores from single runs that reach half a million points or more, and I think to myself, “Man, I need to get some of whatever performance enhancing drug he or she is on, because […]


Marooners’ Talk: Episode 018 – “Handhelds are dead, long live handhelds!”

You know, it’s been a pretty slow week. Nothing new has really happened, no big events or releases…not much to talk about, really. That brings us to Episode 18 of Marooners’ Talk. “Handhelds are dead, long live handhelds!”, as the […]


Ubisoft Presents Five Vita Launch Titles

With the PlayStation Vita releasing next week in the US, launch titles are starting to make their presence known. Ubisoft, coming off of a fantastic 2011 and looking forward to a great 2012, has five offerings for Vita launch buyers. […]