Captain Harlock: The Classic Collection Licensed by Seven Seas

It has been a busy week for manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment, having announced four new licenses already and the publisher today added one more new title to its catalog to close out the week, Captain Harlock: The Classic Collection.

Viz Announces Three Panels for FanimeCon 2017

Anime and manga publisher Viz Media, today announced that it will be hosting three panels throughout FanimeCon 2017 in San Jose, California over the weekend.

Seven Seas Acquires Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō

Continuing its week of new license announcements, manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment has announced its fourth new title this week, Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho.

Ultra Kaiju Anthropomorphic Project Licensed by Seven Seas

For the third day in a row, manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment has unveiled a new acquisition, with the announcement today, Ultra Kaiju Anthropomorphic Project, offering a new monster girl twist on the kaiju of the Ultraman series.

Food Wars! Co-Creator, Yuto Tsukuda, to Appear at Anime Expo 2017

Anime Expo 2017 is just over a month away and today publisher Viz Media revealed that Yuto Tsukuda, the co-creator of one of its popular manga, Food Wars!: Shokugeki No Soma, would be making an appearance during the convention.

Seven Seas Licenses Fauna and the Dragonewts’ Seven Kingdoms

Following up yesterday’s new manga announcement, publisher Seven Seas Entertainment is continuing its week of new title news, as it has revealed the acquisition of Fauna and the Dragonewts’ Seven Kingdoms.

Giant Spider & Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale Acquired by Seven Seas

Seven Seas Entertainment kicked off another week of license announcements, as it revealed earlier today, the acquisition of the offbeat, fantastical slice-of-life series, Giant Spider & Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale.

Seven Seas Gets Twice as Devilish with Two Devilman Acquisitions

Late last week, manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment followed up its previous week’s announcements of six new manga acquisitions, with two more new additions, both involving Go Nagai’s Devilman.

Splatoon Manga Coming Late 2017

Viz Media (everyone’s favorite Manga distributor) has acquired the rights to the Splatoon manga, slated to arrive later in 2017. This follows the trend of other Nintendo series making the jump to the manga medium like the Legend of Zelda did years ago.

To Love Ru and Sequel Manga Acquired by Seven Seas

Manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment finished off another week by making new manga license announcements today, as it revealed plans for the harem romantic comedy, To Love Ru, and To Love Ru Darkness, both to debut later this year.

Nirvana manga and Perfect Blue novels acquired by Seven Seas Entertainment

Manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment announced yesterday, the acquisition of one new manga series, as well as a novel series, that will be making their debuts in North America late this year.

Yokai Rental Shop and In This Corner of the World acquired by Seven Seas

Following up on its other new acquisition announcement earlier this week, Seven Seas Entertainment today announced two more new manga series that fans can look forward to seeing make their debut later this year, Yokai Rental Shop and In This Corner of the World.

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