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More from C2E2: Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Regin

While at C2E2 this past weekend, I wasn’t just talking about action figures and ogling Spandex-clad gentlemen. While this convention is mostly about comics, there are usually some games on display there as well. I got to chat with some […]


Review: Iron Man 3

After the success of the Avengers movie, it’s been a big question: can solo films of these characters match the success of that movie? Let’s take a look at the latest in Tony Stark’s adventures and see. Tony Stark is […]


Get a Sneak Peak at LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

If you’re like me and love super heroes, you will want to see this LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sneak peak trailer. Whether you’re a Spiderman, Wolverine, or Thor fan, you will be able to control your favorite super hero in […]


Deadpool Releases Self-Made Trailer for Upcoming Game

I’m sure Deadpool had Weasel’s help putting this together, what with all of the video editing and special effects work that had to be done. That being said, he did a great job at presenting his game in a professional […]


Ubisoft Unveils More Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth at Comic-Con

With Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, there seem to be three camps: anticipatory, apathetic, and dismissive. I place myself firmly in the anticipatory camp, because I honestly think that the potential entertainment value of this game is being nurtured and […]


Marooners’ Talk: Episode 036 – “In Which Rogue Steals Manfaces Instead of Mutant Powers”

Thankfully putting our fears of Adam’s demise last week to rest, Adam himself returned triumphantly to this week’s episode of Marooners’ Talk (the 36th of its line), titled, “In Which Rogue Steals Manfaces Instead of Mutant Powers.” Last week, we […]


Marooners’ Talk: Episode 035 – “In Which We Mourn the Loss of Adam”

For the most part over the last few months, we’ve managed to keep our podcasting trio intact. Occasionally, however, either Thom or Adam will totally let everyone down and fail to appear on a weekly episode. Last night, Thom and […]


Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (360/PS3)

Activision and Beenox have had an interesting time with Marvel’s most popular hero. Shattered Dimensions was an awesome love letter to the fans, and Edge of Time managed to have a great story (despite a lot of people disliking it). […]


Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

When Sony announced that they’d reboot Marvel’s biggest film franchise (at least, Marvel’s biggest film franchise before The Avengers came out), fans were divided. Some thought it was a cheap cash-in, and have hoped for its failure so that the […]


E3 2012: Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

When Ubisoft pushed out PowerUp Heroes last year, I immediately saw it as a shovelware title. There was little promotion in the lead-up to it, and it was just suddenly released at a budget price point. When the title showed […]