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New Medal of Honor Game Modes

EA has announced lots of goodies for Medal of Honor, including opportunities to win stuff, play with developers and even new game modes!


Direct2Drive is Having a Massive FPS Sale Plus CoD: Black Ops Deal

Starting right this second, and going until 10 AM on Monday, October 25th, Direct2Drive is having a massive sale.


Free Medal of Honor DLC coming November 2nd

Despite the controversy surrounding the multiplayer portion of the new Medal of Honor, the game has been doing very well in terms of sales. Almost as a way of saying “thank you”, EA announced today that, on November 2nd, gamers […]


This Week: Game Releases

We here at World of Meh would like to keep you up to date. So, here’s a list of the games reportedly being release October 10 – 16.


EA v ActiVision – Winner Is…?

Amidst the Schwarzenegger v. EMA/ESA court battle, there is another battle that has been going on. That would be the battle between gaming industry giants, EA and ActiVision. Slightly less direct, but just as well known, EA and ActiVision have […]


Medal of Honor – “Experience” Trailers

The new installment of the Medal of Honor franchise is the first to be set in modern times, with all previous games being set around WWII. Now, courtesy of EA, we get to have a sneak peak of four videos, depicting the […]


EA Caves to Peer Pressure and Removes Taliban

For awhile, EA has been taking some serious heat for the inclusion of the Taliban in their upcoming Medal of Honor game. Sure it was only in the multiplayer portion, but that didn’t prevent people from throwing hissy fits.