Sabotage Studio’s Generation-Crossing ‘The Messenger’ Releasing in 2018

Quebec City-based developer, Sabotage Studio, revealed that their award-winning, Metroidvania-style game, The Messenger will be available on PC and console later this year. Sabotage Studio specializes in combining retro aesthetics and modern game design for a nostalgic experience that appals to a variety of gamers. The Messenger begins as an 8-bit action-platformer, and then transports the ninja-t...[Read More]

The Mummy Demastered makes a Metroidvania out of a Flop

Games based off of movies rarely go well, but I think Way Forward may be onto something with their latest project. Teaming up with Universal Brand Development, those kooky kids behind Shantae have cooked up a Metroidvania with classic looking 16-bit aesthetics to promote The Mummy, which came out last summer. This is the kind of game project that when it was announced, I legitimately thought The M...[Read More]

Axiom Verge Review (Nintendo Switch)

Back on April 19th, 2016, Alex McCumbers reviewed Axiom Verge for Marooners’ Rock on the PlayStation Vita. In his review, he said; Axiom Verge is an interesting tribute to the classics of video games that will, without a doubt, stand among those greats as a classic itself. Alex, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Axiom Verge is an wonderful game that is at the same time a love lett...[Read More]

Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS) Review

There’s a reason that Metroid is one of the most influential video game franchises around, what with tons of spins on the fundamentals of its design showing up in the indie scene to the point of it being commonplace. Metroid titles, usually, are amazing adventures starring one of the most badass women in gaming through alien worlds to single-handedly take out threats to galactic safety. Whil...[Read More]

Forma.8 (Switch) Review – Conflicting Design

Independent developers have been turning to the Metroidvania genre for quite a while now, to the the point that it’s become a bit of a trope. Some developers can take the genre and explore new things, or pull off the basics really well, to create some of the best games around. Games like Axiom Verge or Dead Cells do this wonderfully. While Nintendo consoles are certainly the origins of the genre, ...[Read More]

Newest Trailer Confirms Steamworld Dig 2 Will Arrive This September

Among many other reveals, the Nintendo Nindies Showcase gave us a brand new trailer for SteamWorld Dig 2 and, most importantly, a release date. SteamWorld Dig 2 will be headed to the Nintendo Switch on September 21st for $19.99. A few days later, though not specified exactly, the game will be available on Steam and PlayStation 4. Developer Image & Form Games, on a post announcing more informat...[Read More]

Hollow Knight Gets Collector’s Edition from IndieBox

One of the most critically acclaimed games to release so far this year was a beautiful Metroidvania game by Team Cherry. Hollow Knight captured the hearts of its players almost immediately as reviews came in waves with praise and fans posted tons of artwork to social media. It’s a game that is supposedly challenging, but incredibly endearing with its fluid animation, classic gameplay, and ca...[Read More]

Axiom Verge (PSVITA) Review

Axiom Verge, at its core, is a tribute. It’s a tribute by a hardcore fan who loved what’s been dubbed the Metroidvania style of game. The man who created it is Thomas Happ, whose history as a developer didn’t truly shine until Axiom Verge’s conception, the sole developer of the art, music, and game design. The project started in March 2010 and didn’t see release until...[Read More]

Axiom Verge (PSVITA)

Axiom Verge, a Metroidvania game made only by Thomas Happ, is coming the to the Playstation Vita. Players follow Trace as he explores a strange, alien world. Along the way, he slowly becomes less human, utilizing strange bio-mechanical technology.

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse Review

Every now and again, when the gaming market shifts focus to another console, excellent games are released, only to be buried by new technology. This is the same thing that happened to the excellent Shantae, a Gameboy Color game overshadowed by the growth and acceptance of the Gameboy Advance. Well-received by critics, Shantae saw a life that could’ve been much bigger, which is why there are ...[Read More]

Review: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (XBLA)

Calling your game “Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet” creates an expectation right off the bat. Is the planet shadowy? Is the planet twisted? And most importantly, is the twisted, shadowy planet INSANELY twisted and shadowy? The name alone creates a list of criteria that must be met. Does Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (say that five times fast), the third entry in this year’s Summe...[Read More]

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