Skyforge Makes the Jump to Xbox One

Publisher announced today that the Allods Team developed MMORPG Skyforge will be coming to Microsoft’s Xbox One console family later this year. Released this spring on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, and available on PC, the Xbox One edition promises to bring the fight for the planet of Aelion to a whole new group of gamers.

Becoming a Guardian Once More, Destiny 2 Early Impressions

First impressions are everything, especially in a huge RPG. So far I have sunk about 8 hours into Destiny 2 and in that time the game has made quite the impression. During the first several hours, Destiny 2 has managed to convince me that Bungie really did listen to their fans’ feedback. I couldn’t tell you any sort of narrative moment within the first Destiny, and quite honestly I pre...[Read More]

Free Neverwinter Mount! We’re Not Lion!

Perfect Worlds is celebrating the release of the latest Neverwinter expansion – Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation with a mount giveaway! No, we’re not lying, there’s a code for a free Ash Tribal Lion player mount at the end of this!

Destiny 2 Gameplay Promises a Cinematic Sequel

Bungie’s first gameplay trailer at the Destiny 2 Reveal shows just how much they have been listening to the fans. Best part about sequels in video games is just how much feedback developers have to use and how they implement that into future titles.

Ashes of Creation hits Kickstarter, Reaches Goal Immediately

The world of MMOs is pretty vast, but the amount of stand out titles can easily be trimmed to a handful. Ever since the massive success of World of Warcraft, MMO game design has stagnated, rarely reaching for anything creative or risky. Complexity is something often portrayed in staggering tables of items or row after row of abilities. Combat is typically a juggling act and events are, more often ...[Read More]

Neverwinter Gets Major Expansion!

The next major expansion for Neverwinter is releasing February 21, 2017 on PC! Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy takes place after the events of Storm King’s Thunder.  With the Spellplague’s seemingly unending cloud blanketing the city of Neverwinter, danger continues to loom as Gyrion the Ascendant and others of the Cloak Tower return.  Members of the Cloaked Ascendancy aim their mi...[Read More]

Happy Halloween from Trion Worlds!

If you play one(or more!) of the many games Trion Worlds makes you will happy to hear about the Halloween celebrations taking place in-game. Well here is a list of events you’ll want to check out for this Halloween!

Surrender your Soul in Final Fantasy XIV 3.4 Patch

Today also marks the release of the FINAL FANTASY® XIV Patch 3.4, “Soul Surrender,” which adds many new features and updates. The list alone is quire huge, but we’ve provided just a fraction of what is new in the new 3.4 patch. So for you fellow fans of XIV, be sure to share the news around and get cracking on this new and amazing content within the game. Some of these updates included are a...[Read More]

En Masse Announces New Massive Update Secrets & Shadows for Tera

Action-based MMORPG Tera is getting a massive update with new features and content this May with the addition of Secrets & Shadows. The main addition publisher En Masse Entertainment announced was the new ninja class, a hit-and-tun, short-range fighter that places an emphasis on quick reactions and evasion.

Hyperdimension Series is Going MMO

Cyber Dimension Online (or Four Goddesses Online in Japan) was just announced at the Dengeki Game Festival. Of course this stems off of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series of role-playing games that takes place in a variation of the Game Industry and creates characters based off of consoles and other gaming nuances. Not much more information was shared, other than the fact that more details will be...[Read More]

Review: Arcane Legends (Android)

I’ve said many times before on my cell phone game reviews, I’ve always enjoyed the Android OS. To me it feels very clean and provides an easy way to get around. There is always a wide selection of games and applications that can be used. That’s only if you set the device up not to drain the battery right away. Anyways, for quite sometime I’ve been playing the game Arcane Le...[Read More]

Take a Look Into Trion World’s Upcoming Game Defiance

Have you heard of games such as Rift and End of Nations for PC? Who hasn’t! Well the company known as Trion Worlds created them but they do have something awesome coming to everyone for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. What is it you ask? It’s called Defiance and it’s going to be quite a hit from the looks of it. Ever since its announcement it has been very interesting to learn mo...[Read More]

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