Nexon’s Hyper Universe Launches From Early Access

Nexon America has officially announced the date for their side-scrolling MOBA¬†Hyper Universe to depart from Steam’s Early Access program and go into full Free To Play mode on both Steam and the Nexon Launcher. Accompanying the launch will be a rebalancing of the game’s major mechanics to increase emphasis on both individual skill and coordinated teamplay.

Beta Testing Begins for Mobile MOBA Flame vs Blaze

Square Enix is back with more news on the game FLAME vs BLAZE. As part of a closed beta, SE offers gamers within North Ameria a chance to play and define the future of this fast-paced MOBA. Square Enix has confirmed that a closed beta for FLAME vs BLAZE is now accepting applications exclusively on iOS. Players will have the chance to participate in the closed beta and ultimately define the future ...[Read More]

GIGANTIC Airship Supply Drop Giveaway!

Since its launch on Steam, a bunch of us here at Marooners’ Rock have been playing a ton of¬†Gigantic, Motiga’s new free-to-play strategic hero shooter. And now we’ve teamed up with Motiga and publisher Perfect World to give everyone a leg up on the competition!

The Bell Tolls For Thee In Paragon With New Update

Epic Games’ smash hit MOBA Paragon for the PC and PS4 released a new update this past Tuesday. Paragon is Epic’s third person 5v5 MOBA with high aspirations. (and a beautifully gritty art style to boot) They are holding up to their promise of new heroes every three weeks; the first one being an homage to the grim reaper himself with a giant hammer, Sevarog.

Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle-Earth Coming to XBLA/PSN Autumn

I keep saying this, but I’m not sure it’s been sinking in to all of your zombie-food, so I’m going to say it again. I love The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I love The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings more than Star Trek, which I love more than Star Wars, which I love more than Deadpool, which I love more than Firefly. I loved War in the North last year, and now, in the lead-...[Read More]

Awesomenauts Split Screen Trailer

When a game has the word “awesome” in its title, like Awesomenauts does, it’s setting a very high expectation in its target audience. That’s like if I called myself “Chrawesome” instead of “Chris.” There would be a definite expectation of awesomeness whenever I happened to be around (which I must say, I totally live up to even without having “a...[Read More]

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