Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Review

It’s been around four years since we got to spend time with Cal Kestis, BD-1, and the crew of the Mantis. Where did they end up? Well, that’s not for me to share as I want to avoid any kind of spoilers. Let’s just say, they all ended up where they fit perfectly and are surrounded by like-minded folk. But as with any good story, you can’t keep a good crew down. Now we take a look at Star Wars Jedi:...[Read More]

Kingdom Hearts Meets LoFi in New Album ‘The Oceans Between’ Featuring Relaxing Beats and Nostalgic Melodies

Curaga Records will be releasing a new Video Game LoFi: KINGDOM HEARTS Vol. 2 – The Oceans Between. Arranged by artist foreteller throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, you can say a lot of us need a break from life and just take a moment to breathe, or in this case, find some music that will help us relax. Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite franchises and it has a special ...[Read More]

WWE 2K23 Soundtrack Revealed

When it comes to video game soundtracks it can make or break the game. Luckily for WWE and the WWE 2K23 video game, they are in luck. You are probably asking, why are they in luck? Well, the first answer to this question is that future WWE legend and Executive Soundtrack Producer John Cena has picked the official soundtrack. The second answer is, all songs within the game can be turned off in the ...[Read More]

Skario Kart – Mario Kart 64 Inspired Ska Album

Fans of Mario Kart likely have a lot of nostalgia for Mario Kart 64. While not the first entry in the series, Mario Kart 64 is definitely the most influential. Not only did it introduce Mario Kart into the world of 3D, but it also set the template for any proceeding kart racers. One aspect of the game, that is often overlooked, is its soundtrack. The music has a distinct feel and is distinguishabl...[Read More]

Metal Music Video Made in Animal Crossing Rocks Hard

Everyone wondered what it would be like to have an Animal Crossing music video? Well, you no longer have to wait! The band Left Behind has released a b-side from their latest record, No One Goes To Heaven, which was released in the fall of 2019 via Pure Noise Records.

Project Arrhythmia, a Rhythmic Adventure

Video games, much like any art form, are susceptible to fads. Arena shooters, motion-controlled games, and rhythm/dance have all had their rise and fall. While the latter still has massive success in arcades, rhythm games have mostly been abandoned on the home market. Developer Vitamin Games aim to change that with a twist to the genre with their self-coined musical bullet-hell Project Arrhythmia.

Just Shapes and Beats Interview with Mike Ducarme

Here at Marooners’ Rock, we’ve been following Just Shapes & Beats since at least 2015. Yesterday, we even published our review that was written by me of course. You can click on over to a new tab and read it here on why you should pick up the game on Steam or Nintendo Switch! Heck, why not both! With all of that said, I got to sit back and chat with Mike Ducarme who is the Good Guy...[Read More]

Agents of Mayhem Gets Badass Music Remix

With the release of Agents of Mayhem coming up very soon why not a good promotion for the game, right? Well August Gaunt, the chiseled icon and prestigious lieutenant facing misguided opposition and baseless accusations by the Agents of Mayhem, has now been remixed by producer and award-winning DJ extraordinaire Grimecraft. How can you hear it? Well it’s simple as going to soundcloud of cour...[Read More]

Persona 5 Vinyl Soundtracks are Coming

Press pause for just a moment folks! ATLUS is partnering up with iam8bit for a Persona 5 vinyl soundtrack release!

Gorillaz Phase Four Is Here

FINALLY SOMEONE LET THEM OUT OF THE CAGE. I’m sorry, I had to because I am just so extremely excited. Let me take you on a trip down memory lane. Back in the late 90’s, a band was created. No, it wasn’t just formed, but created. The Gorillaz was a fictional band created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, the frontman of Blur and the creator of the comic strip Tank Girl. If you haven’t already, I s...[Read More]

Green Day’s Revolution Radio Review

Despite a change in themes and studio quality, Green Day has been producing chart-topping music since the early 1990s, and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. With their newest release (leaked September 26, but slated for release on October 7), Revolution Radio, Green Day seems to be reaching a middle ground between past and present, for fans new and old. I’ve been listeni...[Read More]

Forza Horizon 3’s Soundtrack is on fire!

Good games often have a combination of compelling gameplay, stunning graphics, and of course, a killer soundtrack. Forza Horizon 3 is already looking to set a new standard in racing games with it’s music alone!

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