Random Encounter- The Big Blue LP

Random Encounter is a rock group out of Orlando Florida that focuses on video game music whether its arrangements of your favorite classic game tunes or wonderful originals inspired by video game worlds. With the Big Blue LP, Random Encounter added a few new songs as well as spiced up old classics from their earlier albums.

Marooners’ Rock These Hearts Prize Pack Giveaway

Do you love winning awesome items? Who doesn’t! I don’t know how many times I see friends winning prizes that I would love to own. Our giveaway below is something I personally would like to win, but this is all for you! Thanks to Victory Records, you have the chance to win one of two […]

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Game and Soundtrack Coming Soon!

Are you a fan of games that bring back many good old memories? Do you pride yourself on being good with movie quotes? Then the next game you should be looking forward to is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. You do not need Far Cry 3 to play; in fact the two games have little to no crossover in […]

Tracks from Dave Matthews Band Coming to Rock Band

Are you one of the avid fans of the Rock Band franchise? I have a few friends that have spent so much money on DLC I’m amazed at the amount of songs I can play. Just think what it looks like on Rock Band Blitz! Anyways, Harmonix has announced that the Dave Matthews Band will have […]

Ready to Rock? Rock Band Blitz Release Date Announced

Earlier this year, at PAX East, I had the opportunity to play a bit of Rock Band Blitz, and let me tell you, it was pretty bad ass. It was easily one of those games that I just couldn’t wait to play again. After waiting, and waiting, and WAITING, Harmonix has finally announced the release […]

New Tracks Coming to Dance Central 2

Are you ready to download some new tracks and dance the night way with some new songs? Harmonix has announced some new tracks coming soon to a Dance Central 2 near you. What are these tracks coming in for our enjoyment? They’re songs by the Spice Girls, Diddy-Dirty Money, A Tribe Called Quest, and even Flo-Rida.

Rocksmith Adding Classic Pearl Jam Tracks

I have mentioned this multiple times on this site, but while I may have been born in the very early 80’s, I am a child of the 90’s. I wore wallet chains, baggy shorts that were so long they may as well have been pants, and I was rarely ever without my backwards cap. It […]

The Best Bands You’ve Never Heard Of: Circle Jerks

When I thought of doing the TBBYNHO series, I was listening to Circle Jerks. To be more specific, I was taking a walk while listening to Teenage Electric, and I thought to myself, “More people need to listen to this band.” You’ll never know how difficult it was for me to resist putting Lemon Party […]

The Best Bands You’ve Never Heard Of: Common Rider

I’m willing to bet that you’ve heard of the band Rancid, especially if you listened to alternative stations in the 90’s when they started hitting it big on the radio. I’m also willing to bet that some of you, though not nearly as many, have heard of Operation Ivy. To bring the rest of you […]

The Best Bands You’ve Never Heard Of: The Bouncing Souls

The Bouncing Souls have one of the most apropos band names I’ve ever heard. With a distinctive sound, listening to The Bouncing Souls gives me an exuberant feeling that makes me want to smile, laugh, dance, and just move around in general. If you ever see me while I’m driving, and I’m bouncing around, slamming […]

The Best Bands You’ve Never Heard Of

One of our goals here at Marooners’ Rock is to cover more than just video games; we want to cover movies, TV, music, comics, and more. A friend dubbed it “Transmedia.” Well, it’s time to make good on that goal. My personal contribution to help kickstart it is a weekly series called “The Best Bands […]

Recommended Listening: Emo

Now, wait a minute. Before you start haphazardly dogpiling me with scorn, give me a chance to make my case. Let me assure you, this will not be about bands like Dashboard Confessional, Bright Eyes, My Chemical Romance, The Get Up Kids, etc. These bands are a perversion of what Emo was at its origin, […]

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