Sci-Fi Mystery FPS The Station Gets a Release Date

First Contact. It’s a theme that’s been done in countless books, movies, and TV shows over the years, but rarely in games. The Station aims to change that with a unique new spin on the theme, and with a newly announced official launch date, it looks like gamers are going to get a chance to experience this vision soon.

Empathy – Path of Whispers Preview (PC)

Video games remain one of the most unique opportunities to tell a story, in ways that no other medium can. Playing in an interactive world has so many chances to connect to the player in front of the screen and developers all over the world have been experimenting to find new ways to share their ideas. Empathy is one of these attempts, a first-person narrative about solving the mysteries of once f...[Read More]

Review: Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle (PC)

Ponder puzzles! Resolve Riddles! Elucidate Enigmas! Solve the mysteries of Little Riddle!

Twitter Contest: Blue Toad Murder Files

"To celebrate the launch of Blue Toad Murder FilesTM:The Mysteries of Little Riddle on PC today, Relentless Software® announces a Twitter Riddle. Two puzzles will be posted on @Blue_Toad each day until Saturday 27th November. The first 10 people to solve the puzzle will win a download copy of Blue Toad Murder Files on PC."

Review: House, M.D. (PC)

I’m obsessed with House, MD. I truly am. That was probably evident back on August 13 when I told you all about House, MD by Legacy Interactive. That may have been even more evident on September 7 when I reviewed a second flash mini-game! Well, if you didn’t catch those two, now you can catch my review of the full game!

Review: Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill (PC)

When I was a little girl, I remember hearing about these Nancy Drew novels, but even though I was an avid reader, they just never appealed to me. Recently I had the opportunity to play Secrets Can Kill, a Nancy Drew PC game that is a remastered version of the 1998 original, and I admit, I was pleasantly surprised.

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