Castlevania: The Series Releasing in July on Netflix

Get ready to crack those whips and fight the undead.  Castlevania is coming to  Netflix this July 7th.

Thoughts on the NES Classic Edition Being Discontinued

Well, the internet has been set ablaze from the headlines that created tons of reactions from all sorts of people. Nintendo recently announced that it had discontinued production of the NES Classic Edition, at least in North America. While there is no word yet if this is the case globally, many consumers have shown their anger towards this announcement. This is where I hope to shed some light on t...[Read More]

Nintendo is Releasing a Mini NES System

Feel free to check what today is. It’s not April Fool’s Day. This is legit. Announced by Nintendo themselves, the Mini NES is in production to be released on the eleventh of November this year, just in time for the holiday shopping season. The Mini NES is similar to the plug-and-play devices we’ve seen over the years for Atari and Sega systems of old, however, this Mini NES will ...[Read More]

The NES is Reborn with the AVS from Retro USB

The retro gaming scene never ceases to amaze me. Just about everyone I have met over the years that are a part of this vibrant community are talented, whether in music, speedrunning games, making documentaries, etc. However, some companies have taken their hobby a step further to keep the retro gaming library accessible. Enter Retro USB, a company known for its selection of NES homebrew titles, re...[Read More]

Wii U Update Includes New Services, Features, and Faster Performance!

Wii U owners can now download an update for their consoles. This is a major update that allows you to switch between applications faster, have better stability, and better performance. It will also prepare for the launch of the Wii U virtual console. The Wii U Panorama View launches soon as well.

Did I Make A Mistake?

Well, the final ten games for Nintendo’s 3DS Ambassador Program have arived, bringing the total up to 20; ten NES games and ten GBA games. But some of you may be asking the question, “Did I make a mistake by purchasing my 3DS early/late?” For those of you aren’t aware, Nintendo decided to drop the price of the 3DS from $250 to $170 earlier this summer. Most of the people wh...[Read More]

Review: BloodRayne: Betrayal (PSN)

It is hard to imagine how a game based on a scantily-clad, half-vampire woman who battles Nazi’s could fail, but somehow, BloodRayne managed to be a fairly mediocre series. When the license was handed over to Uwe “I have a grudge against all gamers” Boll to be mangled and humiliated, it was all but certain that the proverbial wooden stake had been shoved through Rayne’s heart. However, BloodRayne ...[Read More]

How Great Stories Ruin Games

Last week I finally broke down and got myself an iPhone. There are myriad reasons for doing it, but mostly I was tired of hearing about the games on there and being unable to play them. I spent my first few hours buying games and apps, then the next few hours playing them.  After slogging through meaty games like Crysis 2 and Dragon Age 2 recently, it felt good to just pick up a game that was noth...[Read More]

Final Fantasy: When is it Time to Call it Quits?

Last month Square Enix announced that a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII would be coming out later this year. While that news was met with applause from some, it also produced a few winces.

Review: Double Dragon (iOS)

When you think of classic beat-em-up style games, Double Dragon has to be high on your list. Double Dragon was one of the early beat-em-up games that made going to the arcade with your friends worth your while. The NES port changed things up a bit, with only one person playing at a time and Jimmy, one half of the Double Dragons, serving as the main villain. As consoles advanced, the game inevitabl...[Read More]

Geek Thought of the Week: The Snow Day

In which we discuss… oh who the hell cares IT’S A SNOW DAY!!!

Nintendo DS Tablet? Make it So!

Would you buy a tablet sized DS?

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