Five Fast Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Gamers

Good news! You’ve gotten a last minute invitation to a Halloween party tonight! Bad news! Your plans were to stay in, turn off all the lights, play in the Overwatch Halloween event, and buy discounted Halloween candy tomorrow, so you didn’t have a costume planned. Not to worry, we at Marooner’s Rock have your back, with five easy costume ideas (plus a bonus) that you can probably...[Read More]

Nioh – More than Just Dark Souls with Samurai – Review

In recent years, it seems that some developers are deciding to take inspiration from From Software’s Dark Souls series. With titles such as Lords of the Fallen, Salt and Sanctuary, and Let It Die, it seems that the Souls games are becoming more of a genre than a trend. Team Ninja had no intention of ignoring their love of the Souls franchise while promoting Nioh. They made it well known that...[Read More]

Review: Senran Kagura Burst (3DS)

When I started thinking about how I would start off my review of Senran Kagura Burst for 3DS, I tried really hard to think of a way to write it without talking about breasts. Unfortunately, trying to tell you about this game without mentioning the bountiful bosoms would be like trying to tell you about what kind of pizza I ate without talking about the toppings. This is a game that likely has more...[Read More]

State Tax Return (California) / NIN|JA Tour!

Most people know about the financial troubles that California has right now.  State workers are having their pay reduced, budgets are being cut, prices are increasing, and the state tax returns were delayed.  I filed my taxes in January. I got my state tax refund today. It came at a very good time.  I was running a bit short, and we’re going out of town tonight, so the extra few hundred doll...[Read More]

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