Mini Mario & Friends: Amiibo Challege Review

Nintendo are adding to their Amiibo supported games with their latest entry in the Mario VS Donkey Kong series of puzzle games. In Mini Mario & Friends: Amiibo Challenge, players will be able to bring their Amiibo figures to life as adorable toy versions of Nintendo characters. Using the touch screen, players will be guiding their minis through many puzzles, coaxing the characters to the goal ...[Read More]

Mini Mario & Friends: Amiibo Challege

Help Mini Mario through tons of exciting, challenging puzzles. Use an Amiibo to play as Donkey Kong, Rosalina, and more. Available on both the 3DS and the Wii U.

Miitomo Arriving in the U.S. on March 31st

Miitomo, the social app that also happens to be Nintendo’s first foray into the smartphone market, is hitting the United States on March 31st. A “free-to-start social experience”, Miitomo allows you and your friends to interact and have conversations through your Mii avatars, dress up your Mii, and even take real-life photos with the aforementioned Mii in them.

Hyrule Warriors Legends & Earthbound Highlight This Week’s Digital Content for Nintendo

The Nintendo eShop is having a busy week this week. Many new games, as well as old classics, make their appearance on the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Rumor: NX Controller Photos “Leaked”

Alright, so if you’ve been on Twitter today and you follow as many gamers, producers, studios, and journalists as I do, just about all of them are talking about these photos. Supposedly, the controller above is the super secretive NX controller. This has the investigative type into a frenzy, doing all sorts of zany alterations and cross referencing various parts of the image. People are usin...[Read More]

Missions and Rewards Revealed for My Nintendo Reward Program

Nintendo’s new reward program set to replace the recently shut down Club Nintendo, My Nintendo, has launched in Japan with the release of Nintendo’s first mobile game, Miitomo. On March 17th, those with smartphones in Japan could download the social app Miitomo and begin earning reward points for completing challenges such as “Change your Mii’s clothes once a day (daily)...[Read More]

Pokkén Tournament

Much in the vein of Bandai Namco's famous Tekken series, Pokkén Tournament pits 16 Pokémon against each other in 1 vs. 1 battles in a fight for supremacy. From Pikachu and Charizard to Lucario and Suicune, there is a vast variety of Pokémon to choose from. In addition to having over 30 non-playable support type Pokémon to help you when you need it most, this game allows even the most advanced Poké...[Read More]

Pokkén Tournament Hands-On Preview

For a few days now I’ve put in a lot of time on the upcoming release Pokkén Tournament for the Wii U. This ranges from online battles, friends coming over to play as well as Erin joining me in local multiplayer battles. While I’d go on with a nice introduction in most of my content I’ll be getting straight to the point with this hands-on preview. Now enough of my intro babbling a...[Read More]

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a critically acclaimed masterpiece, set in a massive world bursting with life. You follow Link on yet another grand adventure.

Free Update Arriving to Super Mario Maker Today

As if Super Mario Maker for the Wii U wasn’t incredible enough, Nintendo continues to constantly update this game with new items, characters, and features.

“New” 3DS Now Supports SNES Games

The Super Nintendo is arguably one of the best video game platforms of all time with a vast library of games that still hold up to this day. Some of my earliest gaming memories come from the SNES, from finding Lugia on Pokemon Silver through the Super Game Boy to learning of a secret area in Super Mario World 15 years after its release. There is still much to love on the SNES and both the Wii and ...[Read More]

Star Fox Zero Landing on April 22nd, Star Fox Guard Revealed

After years of waiting, Star Fox Zero is almost upon us. Yes, on April 22nd, we will be back with our favorite gang of space-faring animals on the hunt for Andross. Many more details were revealed in today’s Nintendo Direct and Star Fox Zero appears to be shaping up to be a welcome addition to the Wii U library.

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