Nintendo Releases eShop Cyber Deals

Nintendo of America has announced their eShop discounts for the upcoming holiday season. Featuring discounts of up to 75% of a variety of games for the Switch, WiiU, and 3DS, there’s almost certainly a title or two for the Nintendo gamer in every family.

Animal Crossing Mobile Nintendo Direct Arriving Tomorrow

Nintendo has just announced that we will be treated with a Nintendo Direct tomorrow, October 24th, at 11pm ET/8pm PT that will be focused solely on the upcoming mobile title from the ever popular Animal Crossing franchise. As with every Nintendo Direct announcement, there was no further information given besides that it will last around 15 minutes and will only focus on this title.

New Nintendo 3DS XL SNES Edition Headed To The U.S.

2017 is one of the best years in gaming, hands down, and one integral part of this is Nintendo’s release of the SNES Classic. They brought back a system that hosts some of the best games of all time and allows it to be experienced by those who grew up with it (like me!) and a whole new generation…well…assuming you could find one. The levels of nostalgia and excitement surrounding...[Read More]

Newest Nintendo Switch Update Allows Video Capture, Save Transfer and More

Last night, Nintendo released the 4.00 Firmware for the Nintendo Switch, and with it comes some welcome additions to the ever popular system. The biggest news may be the fact that you can now use video capture right from the system, which before now has only been limited to screenshots. This video capture function is only available on select games at the moment, and we are still unclear exactly wh...[Read More]

Thimbleweed Park Review (Nintendo Switch)

Nostalgia is everywhere you look today. From remakes to remasters to reunions, the past has made it to the present and is filling the void left when a certain piece of media’s credits finished rolling. Thimbleweed Park is an interesting take on nostalgia, because if you were to simply look at this point-and-click adventure game from Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert, you may think it was bro...[Read More]

Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS) Review

There’s a reason that Metroid is one of the most influential video game franchises around, what with tons of spins on the fundamentals of its design showing up in the indie scene to the point of it being commonplace. Metroid titles, usually, are amazing adventures starring one of the most badass women in gaming through alien worlds to single-handedly take out threats to galactic safety. Whil...[Read More]

New Shovel Knight Amiibos are Incredible

Confession time! I have a problem. I am hopelessly addicted to the purchasing of Amiibo, the wonderfully designed Nintendo figures that unlock things in various games. Amiibo are literally what I’ve always wanted as a child, a high-quality Nintendo figure that I could display proudly; the fact they unlock things is just icing on the cake. Out of the hundred or so Amiibo I have, Shovel Knight...[Read More]

Shovel Knight: King of Cards Arriving In Early 2018

During Nintendo’s Nindies Summer Showcase earlier today, Yacht Club Games revealed the final campaign for 2014’s Shovel Knight, Shovel Knight: King of Cards. This new expansion will feature four new worlds and 30 courses and looks to tell the backstory of how King Knight, with his signature bash attack and spinning strike, ascended the throne. In addition, there will be a new mode that...[Read More]

Newest Trailer Confirms Steamworld Dig 2 Will Arrive This September

Among many other reveals, the Nintendo Nindies Showcase gave us a brand new trailer for SteamWorld Dig 2 and, most importantly, a release date. SteamWorld Dig 2 will be headed to the Nintendo Switch on September 21st for $19.99. A few days later, though not specified exactly, the game will be available on Steam and PlayStation 4. Developer Image & Form Games, on a post announcing more informat...[Read More]

Three SNES Classic-Themed Nintendo Power Covers Revealed By Nintendo

Nintendo has revealed three SNES Classic-Themed Nintendo Power Covers that are available for download that celebrate the legacy of Mario, Zelda, and Star Fox 2. Also, for those headed to PAX West, Nintendo will be handing out physical copies of these images as collector’s posters to attendees of Nintendo’s “Special” Panel. No further details have been given of this panel, e...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Announced For This Wednesday

Nintendo has just announced that a new Nindies Showcase, focusing on indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch, will be arriving on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 at 10am PT/1pm ET. You will be able to watch the video at

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch) Review

Back when the leaks started circulating from Laura Kate Dale, I laughed out loud at the absolute insanity of the idea, and yet here I am with the game in my hands and I couldn’t be more surprised. Rabbids, the aggravating little bunnies that arguably ruined the Rayman name on the Wii, so much so that the Rabbids franchise no longer touts the Rayman branding at all. Add in cartoons that felt ...[Read More]

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