Review: Bravely Default (3DS)

In an expansive temple, a young woman bows her head in prayer before an enormous hovering crystal, which appears to be the only source of light in the room. Within moments, an inky blackness wraps its misty tendrils around the crystal and stains it dark. It is in that same instant that a giant chasm opens up in the earth and swallows a nearby village whole, leaving but one survivor. That is where ...[Read More]

Latest Nintendo Direct promises an Autumnal Bounty of Fun

It’s slightly old news by now, but on October 1st Nintendo dumped a truckload of new information on us regarding upcoming Wii U and 3DS. One of the cool things they revealed, besides Princess Peach doing a feline floaty jump, was the new cherry power-up in Super Mario 3D World. When one of the Mario Menagerie grabs this cherry they are duplicated. This will surely add some new and unique gam...[Read More]

Review: Wonderful 101: Wii U

When I was a youngin’, I used to look forward to Saturday mornings from the moment my feet hit the ground on a Sunday. All week long I’d sit around daydreaming of hefty heroes with awesome abilities thwarting vile villains’ dastardly deeds; anxiously awaiting the time when I could sneak out of bed before anyone else in the house and claim the TV as my own for a few hours. Now tha...[Read More]

First Impressions: Wonderful 101: Wii U

Wonderful 101 was one of the games I was most looking forward to in the Wii U’s “launch window”. All early trailers and videos made it look like a game with similar large-scale squadron based gameplay like Pikmin, but with super-powered heroic humans instead of tiny plant critters. Wait, did I just say PikminAND superheroes? Sign me up! I’m a total sucker for mashing together two thing...[Read More]

Review: Mario and Luigi: Dream Team (3DS)

Dreams are usually pretty weird, right? One time I dreamed about riding to school on an inflatable cat instead of the school bus and the cat had eye lasers and instead of stopping at stop signs the inflatable cat bus just vaporized them with its eye lasers. When I got to school, the teachers were scarecrows and my fellow students were ears of corn that were covered in candy corn instead of actual ...[Read More]

Review: Pikmin 3 (Wii U)

Intergalactic travel can be quite risky. However, there are certain situations that may require a society to race through the cold, lonely vacuum of space at super high velocities. Perhaps the average temperature of your planet has risen too high for it to be habitable and you must leave to find a world with a more hospitable climate. Maybe by some cruel twist of fate Sarah Palin has become suprem...[Read More]

Review: Game and Wario (Wii U)

Picture the darkest night you can think of. You’re all alone and exhausted in your bedroom, yet you can’t sleep. An unhealthy obsession with a new video game has taken over your thoughts so thoroughly that your only hope for relief is to just give in and play the game, despite your mother’s wishes. Just as you begin to feel at ease and completely engrossed in the game, there are ...[Read More]

Review: New Super Luigi U (Wii U)

sibling rivalry – n. the competition that exists between brothers or sisters, but especially brothers; often characterized by jealousy over each others’ mustaches, physical prowess and the ability to woo princesses Sometimes it can be tough to have a brother. If you are half of a pair of brothers, you are probably constantly being compared to your sibling, and quite often in unfair way...[Read More]

Review: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

Moving to a new town is never easy. You have to condense your entire life and jam it into as few boxes as possible, put all those boxes on a truck, and hope they arrive safely at a new location. Once you re-settle you have to worry about a new job, and if your beloved pet iguana Fifi had enough air holes in the shoe box you packed her in. You will have to consider the possibility that your new nei...[Read More]

Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (3DS)

When someone says the name “Donkey Kong” to you, what do you think of? The first words that pop into my head are “barrels”, “bananas”, and “HOLY CRAP…HARDEST GAME EVER”. That last little bit probably popped into your head too if you ever played the original Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii. Not only was it a fun little platformer with adorable enemies, but it is probably one of the har...[Read More]

DNA Pokémon Deoxys Finally Available for DS Systems and TCG

The Mythical DNA Pokémon Deoxys is now available through a special distribution event via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. TCG players will also be able to acquire the Deoxys-EX card through the new Pokémon TCG: Black & White-Plasma Freeze expansion. For DS systems, two strains of the powerful Deoxys character will be available for Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. Players will finally be...[Read More]

Wii U Update Includes New Services, Features, and Faster Performance!

Wii U owners can now download an update for their consoles. This is a major update that allows you to switch between applications faster, have better stability, and better performance. It will also prepare for the launch of the Wii U virtual console. The Wii U Panorama View launches soon as well.

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