Conduit 2: Single-Player Gameplay Footage

Here’s some video from the Conduit 2 event I attended at Sega headquarters. They’re are still getting some bugs fixed, but you should agree, it’s extremely fun. Good job, High Voltage.

Weekly Retro Review: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

OH DEAR GOD YES! This is it folks! The big one! I’ve been holding this one back for a while, because how do you talk about a game that everyone knows is one of the greatest of all time? Not only did this game become the blueprint for future titles in the Legend of Zelda series, but one of the most influential games in the adventure genre period. Hailed by many as the greatest game ever made,...[Read More]

Capcom Haunts Retailers Today With Ghost Trick

The psychic sleuthing game from the mind behind Phoenix Wright manifests in stores today.

Review: Sonic Colors (Wii)

When Sega announced Sonic Colors, I was so excited. Unlike a lot of gamers, I really enjoyed Sonic Unleashed, since it was the first step in the right direction for the Blue Blur. Granted, that was because I had the PS3 version, which was a lot better than the Wii version (uneven amount of levels where you could play Sonic as opposed to the Werehog). In fact, every trailer for Sonic Colors has mad...[Read More]

Nintendo DS Tablet? Make it So!

Would you buy a tablet sized DS?

New Okamiden Character Videos

New videos showing Okamiden's characters in action.

Celebrate Mario’s 25th Anniversary with Another Special Gift!

Back in September, Mario celebrated his 25th anniversary and Nintendo is really excited about it. To commemorate this special occasion, they brought back Super Mario All-Stars on the Wii! Nintendo’s still partying, how about you?

Review: Epic Mickey (Wii)

Oh, its epic something alright…

You Wouldn’t Believe How Good Resident Evil 3DS Looks

Seriously, look at Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Edition and Resident Evil: Revelations. Is this what the 3DS can do? Sweet Christmas…

Mod Chip Criminals

Console modding may very well become a criminal offense in the near future. This last Tuesday, a trial began in Southern California that could begin the creation of a much larger definition as to what a person is legally allowed to do with the products they buy.

Black Friday Brought Nintendo Green

Nintendo’s been behind in the news for a while now but everything changed on the week of Black Friday! It’s bragging time!

Nintendo’s Downloadable Explosion!

It’s the week after Thanksgiving and stores are crazy with sales! Grown women are trampling each other just to get to the newest Toy Story 3 dolls. Nintendo has also decided to jump in on the fun and post all kinds of new downloadable games to all of their current systems!

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