Review: Super Monkey Ball 3D for Nintendo 3DS

I’m not going to lie to you, this isn’t my usual cup of tea. I mean, I enjoy more story-driven things, and tend to play games with mini-games when I’m hanging with friends. But a chance to review a 3DS game is awesome, and if there’s one that actually shows off the capabilities of the new system, it’s this one.

Nintendo Announces Captain N: The Next Generation

In an announcement that is completely amazing and also completely true, the company that brought us Mario and Link and Rob the Robot and all our other favorite woodland critters has announced that they are updating Captain N. Are you ready for the next generation of video game heroes to star in a horrible television show? Because I certainly am!

Weekly Retro Review: Super Metroid

When the original Metroid first appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System, few could have predicted not just the hit it’d become, but how it would influence the genre of action-adventure in gaming. I mean, here we had a game where you couldn’t finish in a single sitting, one that actually had you go LEFT as opposed to the somewhat typical right, and was a huge adventure where you c...[Read More]

Nintendo 3DS Demo May Come to a City Near You

Get a sneak peak of the Nintendo 3DS before its March 27 launch.

Review: Pokémon Black & White (DS)

Yes, there is a set of new Pokémon games. I'm sure you're shocked to hear this.

Satoru Iwata Delivers Great GDC 2011 Keynote Speech

Minutes ago Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo, just gave an incredible keynote speech at GDC. Not only did he discuss the past 25 years of gaming, but he touched on what is going on in the industry today. Things kicked off when Meggan Scavio, Director of GDC, came out and said a few words before introducing Iwata-san.

Limited Edition DSi Bundles for Pokémon Black & White

With the release of Pokémon Black Version & Pokémon White Version on March 6th, Nintendo is giving customers the opportunity to buy limited edition etched DSi bundles containing the new games and carrying cases.

Good Boys Don’t Play Games

This morning I read an article from the Wall Street Journal by author Kay Hymowitz entitled “Where Have The Good Men Gone?” Usually, I enjoy a rant against my gender, but reading what Hymowitz wrote made me unbelievably furious. The piece, linked below, is simply an assault on gamers and “nerds,” one that trivializes our medium and uses it to generalize men in a way that is unfair. It ignores an e...[Read More]

No Pokemon RPG on the Wii

Junichi Masuda, co-founder of Game Freak and director of Pokemon Black & White talked with IGN recently about the new Pokemon game coming out for the Wii. Are you excited about that game? Are you thinking that maybe, with the Wii being an online console and all, we could get a fully fleshed out, gotta catch ’em all RPG on the most profitable console out right now? Well you are wrong. Tha...[Read More]

Conduit 2: Single-Player Gameplay Footage

Here’s some video from the Conduit 2 event I attended at Sega headquarters. They’re are still getting some bugs fixed, but you should agree, it’s extremely fun. Good job, High Voltage.

Weekly Retro Review: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

OH DEAR GOD YES! This is it folks! The big one! I’ve been holding this one back for a while, because how do you talk about a game that everyone knows is one of the greatest of all time? Not only did this game become the blueprint for future titles in the Legend of Zelda series, but one of the most influential games in the adventure genre period. Hailed by many as the greatest game ever made,...[Read More]

Capcom Haunts Retailers Today With Ghost Trick

The psychic sleuthing game from the mind behind Phoenix Wright manifests in stores today.

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