Archangel – Giant Mech Action in VR

It looks like VR might finally be finding its feet. Bethesda have committed to the platform by putting DOOM, Fallout 4, and even Skyrim into the virtual reality space. However, it’s not just game company giants looking to experiment with these new toys. Skydance Interactive is looking to put their players into the cockpit of a giant mech in their new game Archangel.

Hands on with Time of Virtual Reality’s Ancient Amuletor and Reborn VR

Back in March, I had the chance to try out all three of the major VR systems for the first time: Oculus, HTV Vive, and PSVR. Most of the experiences I played feel like an homage to classic arcade games, which is where I believe VR will eventually find the footing it’s been needing. However, there were some interesting developments from Time of Virtual Reality, a Chinese centered development ...[Read More]

Playstation VR Set to Come Out This Year

Sony announced that the Playstation VR is slated for a release during October. This headset will come at 399.99 USD at retail, which isn’t that off the mark considering Sony’s plans. Of course, this additional piece doubles the price of a PS4 for someone wanting to pick up both, but for those of us already owning a PS4, it seems reasonable.

Zen Studios Announces Pinball FX 2 VR for Oculus

We’ve all played physical Pinball. We’ve all played virtual Pinball, but have you played virtual physical pinball? Thanks to Zen Studios the well known Pinball classic, Pinball FX 2, is making it’s way to the future with a Oculus Rift Compatibility. Finally, you can play Pinball the way it was meant to be played, ¬†all while at the comfort of your desk.

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