Fe from Zoink Games is releasing February 16

Zoink Games is at it again, but this time with the announcement of when the game Fe is coming out. As you can guess it’s February 16th, 2018. Now if you’ve yet to hear much about the game here are all the details on the game at this time.┬áIn this new game the player controls Fe, a fox-like creature in a forest setting, attempting to defend it from hostile entities called the Silent One...[Read More]

New Trailer Released For Titanfall 2 Pilots

I remember the first time I stepped into the world of Titanfall back in 2014. Yeah, of course the sight of calling your first Titan down onto the map was incredible, but something else was how unique the pilot controls were. Running through the stage with ease, bouncing between buildings and dodging bullets between trees. Everything was new and fast. It was a change in first person shooters in my ...[Read More]

Need For Speed PC Trial Available Today

Starting today, Origin Access members will be able to download and play every game mode available in the new Need For Speed title that released last November on Xbox One and PS4. New features included in the PC release include an unlocked frame rate with 4K resolution, manual transmission, and steering wheel support for a selection of steering wheels. It will also contain all the improvements EA h...[Read More]

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