PAX Prime 2012

Review: Roxio Game Capture HD Pro

We’ve all heard them: “big fish” tales about exploits that are possible, but perhaps too good to be true. “I no-scoped four guys from across the map while jumping!” Yeah, and I’m Master Chief. “I completed Ecco the Dolphin in one sitting (or at all)!” Okay, tell me more, Flipper. “I found the cake in Portal!” Must be where you found that ...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: RaiderZ

In the leadup, I was working out my PAX Prime 2012 scheduling with absolutely one solid goal: Neverwinter. As long as I could see more Neverwinter, I would count my PAX experience complete. While I did see Neverwinter, and count it as the best thing I saw at the event, I found myself pleasantly surprised at the experience that other games were able to offer me. One that I had not thought to enjoy ...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: Loadout

I have no qualms about free-to-play games. I am immediately wary of free-to-play games that are supported by micro-transactions, however. When the appointment for Loadout was pitched to me during my PAX planning period, I flat out said, “You do not want me covering a micro-transaction supported free-to-play game. I will not be kind.” I was guilted (like a boss) into taking the appointm...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: Rise of the Triad

~ dipstick<enter> badtrip<enter> homerun<enter> There was nothing quite like running around a Rise of the Triad map under the mind-bending influence of Shrooms Mode while swinging Excalibat around with wild abandon. This is what I did at home almost to the exclusion of all else, and this is what I spent half of my computer classes in junior high school doing. The other half of my...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

As I’ve said before, I’ve never been a huge fan (or really, any kind of fan at all) of the Metal Gear franchise of games. I find the forced stealth gameplay through extreme punishment for derivation from that gameplay to be contrary to my enjoyment of the experience. I appreciate all that it has accomplished and what it means for its fans, but it’s not a game/series that I can si...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: Frost Wars

When someone talks to me about strategy games, my go-to is Civilization. I’ve been playing the Civilization games since, well, Civilization. I will almost always choose a turn-based strategy game over a real-time strategy game, partially because of my upbringing with the aforementioned Civilization. Civilization is always a long-term investment of time, however, and isn’t always really...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: Neverwinter

Fifteen months ago, I beheld greatness. I’m going to say this again, just in case people don’t listen and understand: Neverwinter Nights is one of my favorite games…OF. ALL. TIME. In fact, I have the Diamond Edition DVD sitting on my desk about a foot and a half away from me just in case I feel the urge to delve deep into its perfect adventure. I’m not kidding around here, ...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: Card Hunter

A few months before my 15th birthday, my mother and I moved from Oklahoma City, where I grew up, to California. I know what you’re thinking…”Wow, California? There are so many awesome cities there with so much to do, how did you choose?” Well, we went where the family was, and that was glorious, beautiful, exciting…Fresno. Fresno, which is pretty much a smaller, more ...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: Harold

I absolutely adore beautiful games. Mechanics are important, don’t get me wrong; a game can be as beautiful as the sun rising over a forested mountain range in the distance while morning dew catches its rays, but if it plays like a piece of my neighbor’s cat feces in my front yard…well, the smell ruins the experience, if you know what I mean. When I was preparing my schedule for ...[Read More]

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