PAX South

Nintendo Switch PAX South Hands-On Preview

I asked everyone in the queue line what they were running to, what they wanted to see first. The obvious answer was the Nintendo Switch, which is definitely what most were waiting patiently for. The same thing was true of most of the press at the show. It was more orderly, but both sides of the booth were packed with a line and I took the shorter route to try out multiple games over trying The Leg...[Read More]

HoloCube VR by Merge – PAX South Hands-On

I hadn’t done much during the designated press hour other than meet up with some friends, try to make a plan of attack, and raise some money with cookies.  I had a lot to look forward to during PAX South and I was getting to start it off by playing with something that made me tilt my head and have no idea what to expect. Merge VR had sent me a short email about the HoloCube and the one picture ins...[Read More]

Lucid Sound LS40 PAX South Hands-On Preview

With PAX South being in full swing at the time, one of my many appointments was with the Lucid Sound team. Some of you reading may know that in the past we have done a review of the Lucid Sound LS30 Wireless Headset. When I saw that they were introducing the LS40 as a flagship product, I knew I wanted to stop by and have a listen.

PAX South 2017 – Favorite Cosplays

Cosplay is a huge part of every PAX event. Overwatch, League of Legends, Mario, Zelda, Deadpool, Kingdom Hearts, and too many others to list were all represented this year. It would be impossible to photograph everyone, but here a few of the passionate, amazing fans who make conventions like PAX so colorful.

Streets of Rogue – tinyBuild PAX South Hands-On

Indie publisher tinyBuild had a huge booth at PAX South 2017. While there were many games to check out, you could tell that the tinyBuild booth was one place you needed to be. I’d already gotten myself killed in Hello Neighbor, but redeemed myself in party by “Bampf-ing” my way to success in Mr Shifty. Now it was time to crawl through some random dungeons in Streets of Rogue.

PAX South Day Two Wrap-Up

I might have overdone the walking on Day One of the show. Putting eight and a half miles on my Reeboks while trying to recover from a plantar fasciitis injury suffered while running last fall was probably not one of my better ideas. Don’t feel too badly for me though, for I am still at PAX, and Day Two was still filled with some amazing highlights.

Semispheres – PAX South Hands-On

Semispheres, a twin-stick, meditative puzzle game, exists to give you those Aha! moments that puzzle gamers find deeply satisfying.

Lightspeed Frontier – Hands-On From PAX South

The space flight genre has experienced something of a renaissance in the past couple of years. At PAX South, one of the exciting new games on exhibit was Lightspeed Frontier from Riveted Games.

PAX South Day One Wrap-Up

Day One of the PAX (Penny-Arcade) South convention in San Antonio wraps up.

Nefarious Lets Players be the Bad Guy

A while back I caught an interesting project on Kickstarter, one that had players adopting the mantle of a snarky villain in a retro-inspired world. Nefarious is that project, a game that uses classics like Mega Man for inspiration, but turns things on its head with the fact that players will become the final boss of the level. Players will become Crow, steal the princess, and then stop the heroes...[Read More]

Twitch and NGE to Bring Overwatch Winter Premiere Finals to PAX

Next Generation Esports today announced that the Overwatch Winter Premiere Live Finals would be brought to PAX Arena, in partnership with Twitch. The event will take place across the first two days of PAX Arena at PAX South 2017 in San Antonio. PAX South tickets are available for purchase today. Personally, I love dropping by these huge booths since there is always a lot of people and excitement d...[Read More]

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