First Ever eMLS Cup To Be Played at PAX East 2018

Late-breaking news from the official PAX Twitter feed and Major League Soccer on Friday night: the eMLS league, a collaboration between the MLS and EA Sports, will play their inaugural eMLS Cup event at this year’s PAX East.

PAX East Badges on Sale Now!

Go! Go! Go!  Badges for PAX East are on sale!

Super Mario Odyssey PAX West 2017 Hands-On Preview

Cappy has captured our hearts and Super Mario Odyssey has proven to be a show stopper at PAX West! With Super Mario Odyssey being one of the most highly anticipated games of 2017, it’s no secret that I was dying to get my hands on it at PAX West. I don’t think there was any other game on the show floor that I was more looking forward to or more excited to play than Super Mario Odyssey. Because of ...[Read More]

Marooners’ Rock Awards – Best Games of PAX West 2017

Penny Arcade and ReedPOP have done it again! PAX West 2017 is a wrap and our Marooners’ Rock team has finally gotten a chance to cool down and come back to reality. PAX West – formerly known as PAX Prime – is arguably one of the best gaming conventions each year and is an event that everyone with a love of gaming should experience at some point in their life. This four-day weekend event takes plac...[Read More]

ARK: Survival Evolved Gets New DLC ” Aberration”

Launching in October 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam, “Aberration” will be the second Expansion Pack for ARK: Survival Evolved, joining the desert-themed Scorched Earth map in continuing to shed light onto the vast mysteries of ARK! This new adventure will place survivors on a damaged ARK whose internal atmosphere has leaked away, resulting in a harsh surface with intense radiation and a...[Read More]

Earth Atlantis Coming to Nintendo Switch from Headup Games

Headup Games and Pixel Perfex has announced the game Earth Atlantis, coming this fall. What is this game you ask? The new action-filled title for Nintendo Switch is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a climate shift has struck the earth and marked civilization’s downfall. With most of the land now being completely flooded, life is only possible beneath the ocean. Mankind’s main capitals a...[Read More]

Ubisoft’s Announces PAX West 2017 Lineup

PAX West is only a week away and Ubisoft has finally announced their show floor lineup. Be one of the first fans to do some aerial dogfighting and take out cultists in a hands on demo of Farcry 5. If that’s not exciting enough, how about a competition open to everyone for a chance to win a special Farcry 5 Pinny Arcade pin! You and seven competitors will tame the great outdoors in, you guess...[Read More]

PAX West Indie Mega Booth – 84 Playable Games

Indie Mega Booth is arguably easier to get lost in than all of PAX itself. During PAX East, I found myself wandering the many games for several hours, easily losing track of time to the myriad of interesting projects. PAX West looks to be even better, as 84 playable games have been announced to be at the Mega Booth, Mini Booth, and Tabletop areas.

PAX Unplugged Exhibitor List Announced

A while back, I covered the announcement of the new PAX Unplugged event, an expo that focuses primarily on table-top gaming. With the sudden rise of board games and card games at these sort of conventions, having a whole PAX dedicated to those types of gamers was an obvious response. Now as the event looms ever closer, we now know just which companies will be showing off their games and products. ...[Read More]

PAX South 2018 Badges On Sale Tuesday, July 18th

Rejoice fellow gamers! Pax South badges will be going on sale this Tuesday, July 18th! PAX South will be taking place Jan. 12-14 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX,  and tickets will go on sale on Tuesday, July 18 at 3 PM EDT. The tickets will be available on the PAX South Website.  Single-day tickets can be acquired for $40, while three-day badges cost $80. For the firs...[Read More]

The Darwin Project Announced for Xbox One During E3

During the Xbox Conference, lots of sweet games were shown off. One of the many games included was a game titled The Darwin Project. What is this game you ask? That’s a really good question for those of you that don’t know of the game.

PAX to Sponsor International Event with ReedPop

Penny Arcade, host to one of the internet’s largest gaming communities, and ReedPOP, the world’s leading producer of pop culture events, today announced a global expansion of PAX gaming events under a new Powered by PAX brand.

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