Mastering the Art of Alchemy: A Review of Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key

With the arrival of Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key, which was developed by Gust and published by Koei Tecmo, we have finally reached the pinnacle of this epic trilogy of Atelier Ryza. Ryza, who is now probably one of the best alchemists for her age, is off to another adventure in this conclusion with old friends and new ones to meet. I remember the moment I first encount...[Read More]

Surviving the Red Planet: A First Look at Fort Solis from PAX East 2023

Mars has always been a planet of mystery and intrigue. It is the closest planet to Earth but has long been seen as a symbol of war throughout ancient civilization. Mars remains the most probable planet for future human habitation but the planet is hostile to life. Cold temperatures, CO2, and constant storms would make any attempt at future habitation challenging. In Fort Solis, humans have done th...[Read More]

Challenging the Snowy Peaks: A PAX East 2023 Preview of Bread and Fred

This year’s PAX East 2023 offered a lot to check out during the show including tons of indies as well as some bigger titles coming out in 2023. For me, I always enjoy searching for hidden gems on the show floor or some of those games off-site. During that time, one game that caught my eye ahead of PAX East 2023 was Bread and Fred from Sand Castles Studio as it was something you could play so...[Read More]

Aliens: Fireteam Elite arrives on April 26th, 2023 for Nintendo Switch

Stay frosty Marines. After several years on other platforms, Aliens: Fireteam Elite is arriving on the Nintendo Switch on April 26th. This new release of the co-op action shooter brings forth all content and patches released so far, as well as cross-play capability across consoles and PC. However, this version of the game is a Nintendo Switch Cloud version, which means a strong internet connection...[Read More]

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Launch Trailer Debuts at Star Wars Celebration

With the release day of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor inching its way to release, a new trailer from EA has been released during the Star Wars Celebration. If you’ve traveling space, and have been missing out the on this amazing space news. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the sequel to 2019’s blockbuster hit Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and follows the continuing epic adventures of Jedi Knight Cal Ke...[Read More]

New Gameplay Trailer released for Hunt the Night

DANGEN Entertainment and Moonlight Games have released new gameplay footage and screenshots of Hunt the Night

Side-Scrolling action platformer Saga of Sins Available for Console and PC

The fires of hell arisen. it’s time to save the world. Bonus Level Entertainment is proud to announce that side-scrolling action adventure Saga of Sins has launched. This ambitious fantasy action game features an incredible array of action. As a cleric seeking to rid the world of evil, players enter the minds of sinner and innocents, transforming into different beasts in a world set to a str...[Read More]

JRPG darling Live A Live coming to PlayStation and PC in April

Live A Live again. The JRPG world was rocked with the praised launch of JRPG Live A Live. The game was released to critical and commercial acclaim for JRPG diehard and casual players unfamiliar to the genre. Now, Live A Live lives again as Square Enix has announced the game is arrived for PlayStation and PC in April 2023.

Diablo 4 Presents a Devilish Partnership

Later this year, one of the most highly anticipated games of 2023 is set to release. No, we aren’t talking about Starfield, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (hahaha…jk), The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, or Dead Island 2; instead, we are talking about the upcoming hellish game, Diablo IV. This past weekend, I had the chance to check out the Diablo Hells Ink event in Pitt...[Read More]

WWE 2K23 MY GM and MY Faction Mode Details

WWE 2K23 is scheduled to be released in less than a week, at least for those who have preordered the deluxe edition. With less than a week til launch, WWE Games has continued to share new information with wrestling fans leading up to the release. Throughout the week, 2K Games will be sharing information about matches, game modes, and even creation options. Yesterday, 2K Games in collaboration with...[Read More]

Resident Evil 4 Gets New Trailer During State of Play

When gamers talk about exciting releases coming in March 2023, one game is at the top of most gamers’ lists. In March, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Resident Evil 4, MLB: The Show 23, System Shock (2023), and WWE 2K23 occupy at least one spot in the top 5; out of those five titles, I am personally most excited for Resident Evil 4 and WWE 2K23. With that in mind, today during Sony’s State of...[Read More]

One Piece Odyssey (PS5) – Find the Real Treasure

When you play an anime video game, you expect that it will have some tie-in to the series. Typically, most anime video games will either be a recap of a previous season or have the player create a character to experience the events. Occasionally, they will be fighters that place anime characters against one another. Rarely do we see an anime game introduce its own unique stand-alone story. One Pie...[Read More]

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