Perfect World

GIGANTIC Airship Supply Drop Giveaway!

Since its launch on Steam, a bunch of us here at Marooners’ Rock have been playing a ton of Gigantic, Motiga’s new free-to-play strategic hero shooter. And now we’ve teamed up with Motiga and publisher Perfect World to give everyone a leg up on the competition!

Perfect World’s Free-To-Play MMO Neverwinter Introducing “Founder’s Packs”

First, the trend was free-to-play with paywalled content and performance modifying microtransactions. For the most part, that didn’t go over so well, so a transition was made to a fully playable game with cosmetic microtransactions. The subscription model of MMOs is disappearing, and with the rise of free-to-play, we have seen new modes of monetization. The most recent method is the Founder&...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: RaiderZ

In the leadup, I was working out my PAX Prime 2012 scheduling with absolutely one solid goal: Neverwinter. As long as I could see more Neverwinter, I would count my PAX experience complete. While I did see Neverwinter, and count it as the best thing I saw at the event, I found myself pleasantly surprised at the experience that other games were able to offer me. One that I had not thought to enjoy ...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: Neverwinter

Fifteen months ago, I beheld greatness. I’m going to say this again, just in case people don’t listen and understand: Neverwinter Nights is one of my favorite games…OF. ALL. TIME. In fact, I have the Diamond Edition DVD sitting on my desk about a foot and a half away from me just in case I feel the urge to delve deep into its perfect adventure. I’m not kidding around here, ...[Read More]

MMO’s Tavern – It’s Super Effective

Welcome to this week’s MMO’s Tavern. I hope you all had productive weeks. Between crashes in Orgrimmar and heated matches of Conflict at the Mill, my productivity has just shy of plummeted. That’s enough of that, on with the show!

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