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The Escapists 2 (Nintendo Switch) Review

The Switch is steadily becoming a console that perfectly complements another console of this generation and is almost at the point that it could be a standalone gaming machine. The sheer amount of variety is steadily increasing with AAA fps games hitting the console, Nintendo finally regaining their stride, a ton of classics ported over, and the endless wonders of indie games. This is where Escapi...[Read More]

Phantom Trigger Alpha Impressions

Desperate for recovery from a strange illness, Stan agrees to a unusual test that has him exploring a surreal, neon world. Phantom Trigger is a new project being published by Tiny Build and is being developed by the two man team, Bread Team. Players will control Stan as he hacks and slashes his way through pixelated enemies in a weird environment, meeting quirky characters and exploring his psyche...[Read More]

Hive Jump by Graphite Labs is Out Now on Steam

A while back, I was writing for a much smaller indie magazine known as Giga Geek Magazine. It was my first time publishing any sort of writing on video games, even though I had made plenty of opinion-based videos on Youtube prior to joining the magazine. Oddly enough, it wasn’t long before we started seeing indie game developers reach out to us. I quickly learned how to use Twitter out of sh...[Read More]

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