Snake Pass – BEING the Snake During a Hands-On Preview at PAX East

A few weeks back, I covered the announcement of Snake Pass coming to Switch. Even then, I could tell that this would be a game right up my alley, so I jumped at the chance for a demo at PAX East. For this demo, I played the Nintendo Switch version using the Joy-Con Grip controller, while others played the other platforms around me. Sitting next to me through the entire demonstration was none other...[Read More]

Dad Quest Review

It’s not often that I feel like a game is made specifically for me. However upon hearing just the name Dad Quest I knew I had to play it. As a dad with a youtube channel that is both gaming and dad related, I was game. The trailer features swinging a child like a bat and throwing a child like a football, your standard dad and child fun time. It also looked like it was going to be incredibly funny....[Read More]


Hue is a platformer puzzle game developed by Fiddlesticks in which players will alter the game's world by changing the colors of the background. Save a world devoid of color, one hue at a time.


Metrico is a new world. A living world of infographics, driven by your input. All the bar charts, line diagrams and pie charts react to what the player is doing. One bar diagram might grow for every step you walk to the left, while another could decline with every jump you make.

Fenix Furia

Fenix Furia fills the niche that was left by games like Super Meat Boy. Furia is a game that allows players to jump and dash infinitely, dodging death at every turn. Each move requires perfect precision with trial and error coming in rapid succession.

Trial By Viking

Trial by Viking is a stage-based platformer that has players jumping, throwing axes, and trying to find all of the sun stones in each stage. Upgrade abilities to tackle monsters from Norse myth, all with the goal of stopping Loki.

Trial By Viking Review

When the synopsis of Trial By Viking hit my inbox, I’ll admit that I was excited. After coming off the heels of Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse a few months ago and Axiom Verge after that, I was hungry for more Metroidvania style games. Trial By Viking is described to have Metroidvania elements in its marketing and store page, however this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

SteamWorld Heist Steamworld Heist

You got tactics in my platformer! I’ve always had a fondness for turn based strategy games. From Civilization games to Final Fantasy Tactics to Tabletop RPGs they have always found a way to draw me in. So I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this game was a turn based strategy game, though it looks like a 2D platformer. Throw in some Angry Birds or Worms Armageddon and you have Steamworld ...[Read More]

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse Review

She’s the original Fly Girl of In Living Color — Game Boy Color, that is. Shantae, our favorite purple-haired, gold-bangled half-genie hero first made her debut in 2002. Despite the fact that the Game Boy Advanced was released in 2001, Shantae’s debut adventured conjured a cult following. Whipping forward eight years, Shantae cast a spell on DSi with Risky’s Revenge, which ...[Read More]

Review: Stick it to the Man (Wii U)

Your day starts out like any other: another long, boring and seemingly endless day at the hard hat testing company. The hours stretch on and on across a figurative distance so great that only a literal mathematician could compute them. Each unending stretch of hours is punctuated only by the cranial blunt force trauma you willingly endure for a meager salary. Finally, a whistle’s shrill tone...[Read More]

Review: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U)

Our scene opens on a majestic fortress, perched on a tower that seems to reach impossible heights above the leafy canopy of trees. It stands as stoic sentiment to the lush and fertile land below it, and the materials and design lead us, the viewers, to believe that it is an ancestral home and that whatever family inhabits it has done so for countless generations. Inside, the family gathered around...[Read More]

Review: VVVVVV (3DS)

One thing I’ve never really been shy talking about is how old I am. Being 32 years young means I am older than the average gamer, but also too young to remember when home video game systems were really getting off their feet. The first console my family owned was a Nintendo Entertainment System, but that doesn’t mean the charms of its predecessor’s games are lost on me. I do have...[Read More]

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