EGLX Preview: Bravery Network

During my time at EGLX last weekend in Toronto, I got my hands on Bravery Network, a future PC game that is still in development and probably a year or so away from release, according to developers.

PAX East 2016: Let It Die Hands on Preview

I was given the chance for some hands-on time with Goichi Suda’s (Suda51) latest work Let It Die from Grasshopper Manufacture, well known for games such as Killer is Dead, Shadows of the Damned and much more. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Goichi Suda is the CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture and boy does he make some nice games. If it wasn’t for Shadows of the Damned that I g...[Read More]

Hand of Fate 2 Preview

One of last year’s bigger surprises for me was the action/role-playing game Hand of Fate, a unique mixture of card-turning and action-based segments where you could literally change your destiny with just a few simple moves. The game works with a unique concept and rolls with it – literally – as you build up for better cards and eventually become a true player for your adversary to fear.

PAX South 2016 Preview – Western Press

Do you think you’re a quick time event master? Western Press wants to put your skills to the test. While I have fond memories of being quick on the draw in Kirby Super Star on my Super Nintendo, this puts a new twist to the showdown duel mini-game that gets the competitive juices flowing.

PAX Prime 2015: Tumblestone Hands-On Preview

On my way to an appointment, I was stopped by someone with a controller in their hand and they asked if I wanted to try out a quick puzzle game. I turned toward the monitor and the first thing that hit me was a feeling of nostalgia. I see a banner for a game named Tumblestone, but on the screen is something that looks like Tetris Attack. I made this comment out loud and I was told I was right on t...[Read More]

Preview: Cloudbuilt (PC)

For some time I’ve been playing Cloudbuilt. What is Cloudbuilt, you ask? Cloudbuilt is Rising Star’s and Coilworks’ upcoming Steam green-lit title; a link is available at the end of the post. With Cloudbuilt releasing soon, we are here with a hands-on preview of the game. As for my first impressions of the game, I can say it was fun as hell, addicting, and great looking, along wi...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: Loadout

I have no qualms about free-to-play games. I am immediately wary of free-to-play games that are supported by micro-transactions, however. When the appointment for Loadout was pitched to me during my PAX planning period, I flat out said, “You do not want me covering a micro-transaction supported free-to-play game. I will not be kind.” I was guilted (like a boss) into taking the appointm...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: Rise of the Triad

~ dipstick<enter> badtrip<enter> homerun<enter> There was nothing quite like running around a Rise of the Triad map under the mind-bending influence of Shrooms Mode while swinging Excalibat around with wild abandon. This is what I did at home almost to the exclusion of all else, and this is what I spent half of my computer classes in junior high school doing. The other half of my...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: Frost Wars

When someone talks to me about strategy games, my go-to is Civilization. I’ve been playing the Civilization games since, well, Civilization. I will almost always choose a turn-based strategy game over a real-time strategy game, partially because of my upbringing with the aforementioned Civilization. Civilization is always a long-term investment of time, however, and isn’t always really...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: Card Hunter

A few months before my 15th birthday, my mother and I moved from Oklahoma City, where I grew up, to California. I know what you’re thinking…”Wow, California? There are so many awesome cities there with so much to do, how did you choose?” Well, we went where the family was, and that was glorious, beautiful, exciting…Fresno. Fresno, which is pretty much a smaller, more ...[Read More]

PAX Prime 2012: Harold

I absolutely adore beautiful games. Mechanics are important, don’t get me wrong; a game can be as beautiful as the sun rising over a forested mountain range in the distance while morning dew catches its rays, but if it plays like a piece of my neighbor’s cat feces in my front yard…well, the smell ruins the experience, if you know what I mean. When I was preparing my schedule for ...[Read More]

Preview: LittleBigPlanet (Vita)

Prior to this past weekend, I had never really played any of the LittleBigPlanet titles. I was always curious, of course, but for one reason or another, I never acted on that curiosity. I have now spent the last five days playing, re-playing, and creating my way through a preview version of LittleBigPlanet on my PS Vita, and I find myself eagerly anticipating its full release next month. The PlayS...[Read More]

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