Top 5 Deals with Gold 8/22 – 8/28

Yesterday afternoon, gamers around the world got a brief glimpse at the next big games and accessories coming within the next few months. Some of the most exciting announcements revolved around upcoming games such as Destiny 2, Shadow of War, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Star Wars Battle Front 2, and other big name titles. In celebration of all the major announcements, ...[Read More]

Prey Already Bested by Speedrunner

Prey has just come out and the gaming world are steadily chipping away at this interesting horror-ish game from the masters that brought us Dishonored. Sure the creepy atmosphere is juxtaposed by the ability to hide as a damn tea cup, but many players are finding a lot to love in this focused, sci-fi romp. While speedrunners are notorious for beating games quickly, even shortly after release, this...[Read More]

New Sweepstakes Announced In Anticipation for Arkane Studios’ Prey

We have a little over two weeks until we can get our hands on Prey. This game has been on my radar ever since it was Bethesda showed it at their Showcase at E3 2016. Having never played the original title, I am very excited to see what all the praise is about. After seeing some gameplay trailers, I’ve come to the conclusion that Prey looks like a wonderful mix between Dishonored and BioShock, and ...[Read More]

Dark Horse and Bethesda Team-Up for The Art of Prey

Comic book publisher Dark Horse Comics, and publisher Bethesda Softworks, today announced that fans of the upcoming sci-fi game, Prey, will be getting some deeper insight into the title, when The Art of Prey releases later this year.

Prey Worldwide Release Date Announced

Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios, creators of the Dishonored franchise, have announced the official release date of the upcoming sci-fi action title Prey. It was first revealed at E3 last year, with no solid release date, just a teaser trailer. Over the past few months, we have received more and more details building up to the eventual release. Today, the wait ends. When does Prey begin?

Highlights From QuakeCon 2016

QuakeCon 2016 has come and gone, and for the 21st year, the shooter-oriented community event once again left Dallas attendees awestruck with its cavalcade of awesomeness. Fueled by new content from Bethesda and backed by plenty of devoted fans doing their thing, the show left no stone unturned when it came to providing fun across just over three days.

Prey Is NOT About a Native American in Space

Did anyone even play Prey? The one that was released in 2006 was a fairly average first person shooter starring a Native American, similar to in how Turok played around with weapon archetypes, but didn’t really stand the test of time as a memorable shooter. At least, not the point that it became THE game to have like others of the time. Now, the story of the newest Prey which is being publis...[Read More]

E3 2011: Prey 2

Prey 2 is not Prey. It became clear at the Bethesda E3 Prey 2 screening that the portal and gravity mechanics that made up most of the core gameplay of Prey were not returning for the sequel. Instead, we’re given an open world, mission based sandbox shooter. In this spiritual sequel, you are no longer the hunted, like you were in Prey. Prey 2 presents a more empowered character, putting you ...[Read More]

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