Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II Makes Economy Updates

At this point, saying that Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II has had a rocky launch would be a gross understatement. EA seems to be attempting to address at least some of the issues though, with today’s patch announcement of some significant economic changes in preparation for the launch of Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II The Last Jedi Season.

Bringing The Harley-Davidson 883 Iron to The Crew 2

As a fan of driving games, and as the owner of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, I was thrilled to see the news that some of my favorite two-wheeled machines would be showing up in Ubisoft’s upcoming open world racer The Crew 2. I recently got the chance to ask a few questions of Tom Martin, Senior Project Manager at Harley-Davidson, about how this collaboration between Harley and Ubisoft came a...[Read More]

New Party Game It’s Quiz Time Launches With PS4 as Lead Platform

Say streamers, what time is it? Have you realized that you do, in fact, know Jack? Are you Quiplashed out? Then developer Snap Finger Click wants you to know that It’s Quiz Time!

Fantasy JRPG Rainbow Skies Gets New Trailer and Physical Pre-Order

From publisher eastasiasoft comes the announcement that Rainbow Skies, a upcoming fantasy isometric JRPG has a new trailer, and a physical pre-order. Coming from the developers of Rainbow Moon, this new game takes players on an adventure through a colorful and vibrant world teeming with tamable monsters, murky dungeons, and endless possibilities.

PQube Unveils Gameplay Trailer for Gal*Gun 2

Some games demand sequels. Others require them, and for some, it’s just the natural progression of things. Then there’s Gal*Gun: Double Peace. Why fans were demanding a sequel to the PS4 exclusive shooter based around exorcising demons from high-school girls by blasting off their clothing with a pheromone gun, this writer isn’t sure, but apparently they were in sufficient quantit...[Read More]

Sonic Forces (PlayStation 4) Review

Sonic returns to wage a war, but is it worth fighting for? When I was in middle school, back in the mid-90’s, I drew my own fan character for Sonic the Hedgehog. It was not a great drawing, and it basically was Sonic with his spikes replaced by Mickey Mouse ears, but I still remember that drawing fondly. I’m not the only Sonic fan to have done this. Sonic’s art style, both in the...[Read More]

Limited Run Unveils Black Friday Plans

Black Friday is a time to buy games. All the best deals of the year culminate in a powerful hurting on many a wallet. Us game-playing folk are at our weakest during this time. Limited Run Games has been one of my favorite publishers of physical editions of games here of late; my Vita library especially has been expanded because of their efforts. Just in time, they have revealed their plans for Bla...[Read More]

SEGA Announces Valkyria Chronicles 4 and a North America Release!

Apparently, SEGA believes in Thanksgiving gifts, or very early Christmas presents, because they gave gamers one today with the surprise announcement of Valkyria Chronicles 4 for a North America and European release! Ten years since the original Valkyria Chronicles hit the PS3, a new chapter of the main storyline is coming to consoles!

New Far Cry 5 Co-op Trailer Revealed

Today Ubisoft® revealed new details, and a new trailer, for Far Cry® 5’s online co-op mode, nicknamed “Friends for Hire.” In this mode, players can team up with a friend to free Hope County, Montana, from the doomsday cult infesting the area.

ONRUSH – New Arcade Racer From Codemasters and Deep Silver Announced

Well now, it looks like Summer 2018 just got a little … faster. At Paris Games Week, Codemasters and Deep Silver announced a new arcade racing title – ONRUSH – coming to consoles next summer!

Sony Premieres New Trailer For Last Of Us Part 2

Well that was…brutal! However, if anyone has played the original Last Of Us, they would expect the sequel to be just as bleak and violent as it’s predecessor. Today at the Paris Games Week Press Conference, Sony showcased many anticipated trailers, but they saved their crown jewel for last! What follows is a graphic and intense trailer for the highly anticipated Last Of Us Part 2. This...[Read More]

Destiny 2 – Expansion I: Curse of Osiris Releases Dec. 5th

Now that Destiny 2 has come to PC, it’s about time more details on the DLC that will be coming our way in the near future. Today during Paris Games Week details on the first expansion have been revealed. You may be wondering to yourself when does all this happen in-game? Destiny 2 – Expansion I: Curse of Osiris, takes place after the conclusion of the Destiny 2 campaign where you are dispatc...[Read More]

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