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Marooners’ Talk: Episode 034 – “Do A Barrel Roll!”

After a busy weekend of rocking out, followed by some hardcore napping, we finally got together to record this week’s podcast episode. Episode 034 of Marooners’ Talk, “Do A Barrel Roll!”, covers various topics. We get off to a slow start, but to be fair it was Monday evening, and not every opening can be fireworks and pinatas, so LAY OFF. There are a few moments of positive...[Read More]

Review: Prototype 2 (360)

New York City lays sprawled below me as I glide through the air in a descending arc. An air dash restores my momentum, extending my flight and allowing me to reach the skyscraper in the distance. I land on the side of the skyscraper, and smoothly transition into a vertical run, defying Sir Isaac Newton and his thoughts and discoveries on gravity with my actions. As I reach the top of the building,...[Read More]

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