Trailmakers Rolls Onto Steam Early Access in January

Flashbulb Games has announced that their game, Trailmakers, will be arriving on Steam Early Access on January 31st. The open world vehicle driving/constructing game is the studio’s first title, and is expected to be in Early Access for approximately a year.

Review: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U)

Our scene opens on a majestic fortress, perched on a tower that seems to reach impossible heights above the leafy canopy of trees. It stands as stoic sentiment to the lush and fertile land below it, and the materials and design lead us, the viewers, to believe that it is an ancestral home and that whatever family inhabits it has done so for countless generations. Inside, the family gathered around...[Read More]

Win Collectible Pokémon Prizes from Marooners’ Rock

I know many of you looking at this page grew up with the Pokémon franchise. Let’s face it some of us owned the video games, trading cards, maybe a plush Pikachu, a PokéDex, and even toy Pokéballs. Personally I may have owned most of that in my past and still have some of it lying around. If you’re a Pokémon fan like I am or looking for some collectible items you’ll want to keep o...[Read More]

Microsoft and Fox Finally Speak Over Killer Instinct Trademark

Did you grow up playing the game Killer Instinct? Who didn’t own that game when growing up? Well as many of you know Rare happened to create the game during the 90’s. Rare has said on more than one occasion they’d love to create another Killer Instinct game for Xbox 360 but what was stopping them?

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