Larian Studios Advent Calendar – Free Stuff!

Larian Studios, the ones behind the Divinity Original Sin I and II games, is doing an Advent Calendar! Each day promises digital prizes with more stuff to raffle off throughout the season! The calendar comes in the form of a comic that releases a new page each day with a hidden number somewhere in it. Find the number, click the link, submit and receive the exclusive goodie! The details for the Lar...[Read More]

Razer Atrox (Xbox One) Fight Stick

Arcade gaming has come a long way since its glory days – an era woven into the fabric of gaming history as one that paved the way for innovation, and also one that brought us bittersweet nostalgia. Hours spent at the arcade honed the gamer in you; for every coin you inserted, every combo you executed, every hit you took, and every ultra you unleashed in return – you became a better player. And thi...[Read More]

Razer Partners with Microsoft to bring Xbox One Accessories

Today, Razer is pleased to announce that a suite of products for the Xbox One coming to a gamer near you. These products include controllers, arcade sticks and more, which is pretty awesome news to find out. At this time we’ve seen very few companies team up with Microsoft. I own the Razer Atrox so you can expect quality in the end to by top notch. You’ll see a review of my Razer Atrox soon on the...[Read More]

E3 2011: Razer

This years’ offering at E3 by Razer contained a little of their current offerings with a little of some interesting new devices. I’ll be highlighting their new products, including new mice, keyboards, headsets and even discuss the Switchblade project, which holds much promise. Fans of the Portal or Star Wars franchises will be catered to quite nicely with the peripherals on offer.

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