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Thoughts on the NES Classic Edition Being Discontinued

Well, the internet has been set ablaze from the headlines that created tons of reactions from all sorts of people. Nintendo recently announced that it had discontinued production of the NES Classic Edition, at least in North America. While there is no word yet if this is the case globally, many consumers have shown their anger towards this announcement. This is where I hope to shed some light on t...[Read More]

Cancelled Game Primal Rage 2 Now Playable

Once again emulation proves its worth as a necessary tool to preserving and unearthing video game history. Primal Rage 2, a fighting game that was never released and was thought to be more of an urban legend, is now fully playable via emulation.

Pokemon Prism (A Pokemon Crystal Rom Hack) Review

The hacking of roms has recently become a thing of controversy, what with Nintendo shutting down every fan project under the sun. This is a shame, as most of the games cut down this year have been more genuinely “Nintendo” than most games the company released themselves. Of course, Nintendo does have a right to defend their intellectual property, as they well should. Yet, I can’t...[Read More]

Double Dragon IV Hitting PS4 and Steam This Month

Yes, the retro gaming scene continues to define the modern world of games! Double Dragon IV is coming to PS4 on January 29th and Steam on January 30th after a surprise announcement by Arc System Works. The story picks up from the end of Double Dragon II, which had Billy and Jimmy taking out the Black Warriors.

NES Mini Wireless Controller by Nyko

One of this year’s hot-ticket holiday items is the NES Mini. The gray and black mini box brings back the nostalgia of the good ol’ days of 8-bit era, including corded controllers. Well for those who don’t like sitting on the floor or rearranging furniture Nyko is here to help! With the moniker, “Miniboss”, it is the first third-party, rechargeable, NES Mini Wireless C...[Read More]

Super Rad Raygun

Super Rad Raygun stars a robotic hero that must monitor his energy levels while tackling the dangers of communism in a retro inspired adventure. Expect jabs at 80's politics and gaming culture in this incredibly artistic game that comes from an old Xbox Indie idea.

BOSS – A New Atari 2600 Game

Alright, so even though I’m a bit of Retro Guru here on Marooners’ Rock, I will admit that my knowledge of anything prior to the NES is pretty hit and miss. While I can name off most of the consoles after the NES in order or release and spout off all the cool little features of each, I never had much interest in anything before that magical gray box. That’s mainly because prior t...[Read More]

New Games for Old Consoles Coming from Piko Interactive

The retro gaming scene has always been interesting, but over the past five years or so, the interest has seemed to have exploded. This in part, I assume, comes from coverage from dedicated journalists and content creators like Pat the NES Punk and the Angry Video Game Nerd. Oddly enough, advances in how retro games are played on things like re-writable cartridges or clone consoles have expanded th...[Read More]

RetroUSB’s new NES Console Available for Preorder

A few months back I reported on the Mini NES, quite possibly one of the few times we’ll see Nintendo take a stab at the retro gaming crowd outside of the E-Shop. Of course, this comes after there have been many consoles capable of playing NES carts, which is strange due to the Mini NES’ lack of ability to do so. There are probably at least fifteen different clone consoles that do NES c...[Read More]

Nintendo Power Archive Offers Over a Hundred Issues

Video game history is a bit of a hobby of mine, in which I sometimes enjoy diving deep into the biographies of big developers and their stories. Just last year, I picked up Masters of Doom to learn John Romero and John Carmacks’ interesting tale. The problem with being into video game history is there isn’t nearly the plethora of written content available like there is for other histor...[Read More]

The NES is Reborn with the AVS from Retro USB

The retro gaming scene never ceases to amaze me. Just about everyone I have met over the years that are a part of this vibrant community are talented, whether in music, speedrunning games, making documentaries, etc. However, some companies have taken their hobby a step further to keep the retro gaming library accessible. Enter Retro USB, a company known for its selection of NES homebrew titles, re...[Read More]

Sega Mega Drive Bedroom Simulator Coming Soon

While it has been in the works for a bit, Sega is trying to make a name for themselves by bringing the classics to the modern era. The Mega Drive Classics Hub (which is more commonly known as the Genesis in America) seeks to put players in the bedroom of a kid obsessed with Sega. This will be a free experience available on Steam, which will legally grant access to just about every Mega Drive Rom o...[Read More]

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