ADR1FT Review

I wouldn’t exactly call Gravity my favorite movie out there – the corny ending (which I won’t spoil) kind of make me go “ehhh” on it – but for about the first hour or so, it generated some real tension, especially if you were watching it in 3D and freaking out as practically everything fell apart around Sandra Bullock. So, to recap, it started strong, but finished with kind...[Read More]

Song of the Deep Review

Insomniac Games is usually known for higher-end projects like Ratchet and Clank, Spider-Man the Game for PS4, and the always delightful Sunset Overdrive. So imagine our surprise, then, when the team decided to take a unique turn with its latest release, Song of the Deep.

Headlander Review

Developed by Double Fine, and published by Adult Swim Games, Headlander is a platformer dedicated to the question, “So – what if you were a flying head, and you could switch bodies?” Well, okay, maybe not. But since that’s what you spend the majority of your time doing in-game, it’s a fair assumption, right? Warning: gameplay video and game both contain bright lights ...[Read More]

Batman: The Killing Joke Review

We’ve seen our fair share of outstanding Batman movies in the past – I don’t need to tell you how amazing Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is after all these years, do I? – but none have the same level of anticipation as Batman: The Killing Joke. An R-rated animated film that promised initially to not hold back any punches, Joke was promising to stay devoted to the source material, written...[Read More]

Crimson Room: Decade Review

Back in 2004, the original Crimson Room appeared as a free Flash game online. It was one of the first widespread examples of the “escape” genre that seemingly dominated the Flash landscape for the latter part of the decade. Fast-forward 12 years, and the sequel has arrived. Crimson Room: Decade is a point-and-click adventure puzzler that takes place in a tiny red room on a ship (as the...[Read More]

Exzeal Review

I do love me a good shmup. I really don’t know what it is – the one versus all component, the fact that a lot of boss attacks come across like lethal fireworks – but I just get hooked when a good one comes along, like Super Galaxy Squadron EX or Dariusburst Chronicles, still one of my favorites in the genre.

Star Trek: Beyond Review

Not every Star Trek fan is a devotee to the new films that J.J. Abrams started back in 2009, but in a way, I can understand that. Some people will always see William Shatner as Captain Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Spock. But I feel that the new movies have delivered an utmost energy to the screen, while at the same time tributing the legacy of old so that it feels familiar enough to not turn fans awa...[Read More]

Monster Hunter Generations Review

While Capcom may have missed the mark with the past few Resident Evil games, focusing instead on remakes and re-releases, and there hasn’t been a new Megaman game in quite some time, there is one franchise that Capcom continues to shine with, Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter is essentially a game of boss fights in which the player is sorely outmatched as the creatures are massive forces of nat...[Read More]

Assault Suit Leynos Review

There aren’t too many games these days that remind us of the “hardcore” days of the Sega Genesis, when titles from Wolfteam (like Gaiares and Sol-Deace) ruled the land, and we couldn’t get enough of the challenge they provided. Mixed in with this was Target Earth, a ridiculously tough mech shooter that had something to offer at every turn – provided that you were a good eno...[Read More]

Zombie Night Terror Review

A poorly-cut, homemade intravenous drug called Romero (nudge nudge, wink wink) is causing some additional side effects than those that are usually experienced. Glowing an ominous green, it causes users to become nauseated, coughing up blood until they become part of an unholy army of the undead. Such is the premise of Zombie Night Terror, from developer NoClip. A sometimes very slow-paced strategy...[Read More]

Ghostbusters (Game) Review

So I was pleasantly surprised by the Ghostbusters reboot that arrived last week, after the Internet had been dreading it for, well, forever. That leaves an interesting question then – would the video game from Activision pretty much do the same thing?

Catalyst Mints Review

Early on in my streaming journey, I stumbled upon a company looking for streamers to promote their brand of gaming glasses, No Scope. At the time, I wrote for a different magazine and offered to do a review. I was intrigued at the idea of glasses that reduced strain, but vowed to not support anything I didn’t enjoy using, so I set out to do the review first. After buying a pair myself, for t...[Read More]

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