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Deadly Premonition – The Board Game Crowd Funded

Surprise, Deadly Premonition is getting a board game adaptation!

TRI Review

I love a good puzzle game. I especially love a good puzzle game that does something new and interesting. Portal, and the subsequent Portal 2, were knockouts that kept me coming back for more time and time again. When I sat down last month to take a look at Rat King Entertainment’s first effort, TRI, I instantly felt the same joy and intrigue as the first time I picked up a portal gun. I̵...[Read More]

Preview: Cloudbuilt (PC)

For some time I’ve been playing Cloudbuilt. What is Cloudbuilt, you ask? Cloudbuilt is Rising Star’s and Coilworks’ upcoming Steam green-lit title; a link is available at the end of the post. With Cloudbuilt releasing soon, we are here with a hands-on preview of the game. As for my first impressions of the game, I can say it was fun as hell, addicting, and great looking, along wi...[Read More]

Eldar Saga Set For Release On Sep. 17th

The Wii really doesn’t have a lot of choice when it comes to RPGs. The Playstation and Xbox get Fallout and Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect and Final Fantasy while the Wii gets left out in the cold, devoid of experience and accumulated gold. Well, Rising Star Games is attempting to fill that gap with Eldar Saga, a game which is just about ready to land on our gentle shores.

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