Review: Roxio Game Capture HD Pro

We’ve all heard them: “big fish” tales about exploits that are possible, but perhaps too good to be true. “I no-scoped four guys from across the map while jumping!” Yeah, and I’m Master Chief. “I completed Ecco the Dolphin in one sitting (or at all)!” Okay, tell me more, Flipper. “I found the cake in Portal!” Must be where you found that ...[Read More]

Review: Roxio Game Capture Device

Everyone likes to brag about their gaming achievements. Everyone loves to tell Falstaff tales about how they took out four Borgia guards single-handedly using only their double hidden blades in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Everyone loves to tell big fish stories about a great racing win in SEGA Rally Online Arcade. Everyone loves to recount their legendary musical shooter performance in Ch...[Read More]

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