Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate

Shiren the Wanderer makes his third appearance outside of Japan on the Vita. Players tackle the Tower of Fate with rogue-like RPG elements to chance fate. Take on randomized towers with death being permanent, losing items and levels.

Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter Generations continues the trend Capcom set long ago, making this entry another solid portable title that improves on the formula in various ways. Tons of epic new monsters to fight, plus many more ways to customize a hunter, makes Generations one of the most complex Monster Hunter games to date!

Monster Hunter Generations Review

While Capcom may have missed the mark with the past few Resident Evil games, focusing instead on remakes and re-releases, and there hasn’t been a new Megaman game in quite some time, there is one franchise that Capcom continues to shine with, Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter is essentially a game of boss fights in which the player is sorely outmatched as the creatures are massive forces of nat...[Read More]

Top 5 Releases from Gen Con 2016

In a little less than a month, more than 60,000 gamers from around the world will gather for Gen Con 2016, billed as “The best 4 Days in Gaming”. Held in Indianapolis, Gen Con is the largest gaming convention in North America, and is celebrating its 49th year. Attendees will be treated to new releases, hosted tabletop and role-playing games and a huge exhibitor floor.

Kinetik: A Tactical RPG Shooter Hits Kickstarter

Multiplayer is an important aspect of game design. Since the days of the Egyptians playing Senet, people have been playing against each other and with each other. Kinetik is being marketed as a tactical RPG shooter from the talents of the folks that brought Everquest and H1Z1 to life. Hero Machine Studios is a new independent company built from these developers who are looking to bring their newes...[Read More]

World of Final Fantasy Gets Release Date

Announced a while back was an adorable RPG coming to the PS4 and Vita that didn’t steal the show at E3, but it did steal some hearts. World of Final Fantasy has the general look and styling of Kindom Hearts, while adding chibi versions of classic Final Fantasy staples. Cutesy versions of Ifrit, Cloud, and Lightning will be joining the two heroes on October 25th in North America, with a Japan...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XII HD Remake Confirmed

Square Enix have been cranking out amazing remakes of their biggest franchises for a long time now. Ceasing that trend just wouldn’t fit their style. With fans waiting for anything related to last year’s bombshell drop that was the Final Fantasy VII Remake, it’s not surprising that another classic PS2 game is hitting the PS4 with an updated look. Final Fantasy XII is being remade...[Read More]

Ray Gigant

Ray Gigant puts players in a desolate Japan after strange beings known as Gigants ravage the world. As most of the population is gone, its up to those wielding special weapons, who are also not of this world. Will the heroes overcome their bleak existence or die fighting against impossible odds?

Stranger of Sword City (Xbox One)

Stranger of Sword City takes the hardcore RPG style and boils it down to its most concentrated form. The Xbox One version utilizes the graphic powerhouse to show off its artwork crisply. Explore dungeons with a team of characters with tons of customization options.

Masquerada Hits Kickstarter

Tactical RPGs have many flavors depending on the nature of the title. Fire Emblem took the turn based, challenging approach with armies of knights clashing with other armies. Final Fantasy Tactics took a more personal take on combat with smaller spaces and smaller teams with an emphasis on building up each unit. Masquerada: Songs and Shadows is inspired by Dragon Age with its pause-for-tactics gam...[Read More]

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse is Bringing Destruction to the 3DS

Shin Megami Tensei is a brutally difficult RPG series, probably one of the most challenging traditional RPGs of the last decade. Yet, it remains as one of the most visually interesting games out there with the signature style the franchise has always represented. Capturing modern Japanese culture and using Judeo-Christian mythology, Shin Megami Tensei is a brilliant mix of culture to create a uniq...[Read More]

Nicalis to Publish Creepy Castle this Summer

Nicalis has brought some awesome, retro-inspired games into the gaming space over the past few years. Nicalis are the publishers behind indie hits such as Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, 1001 Spikes, and Cave Story. Needless to say a portfolio of that caliber says there is something remarkably charming about the company. Their latest project, being developed by Dopterra, is Creepy Castle, a side-scroll...[Read More]

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