Total War: Warhammer II Hands-On PAX West 2017

The Total War series has always been a series that has been on my radar, appealing to my interest in games like Civilization, Age of Empires, and Warcraft. Though still very much about war, it seemed like they were on a smaller scale in terms of the world, but a bigger scale when it came to the battles. This approach seemed to allow for being able to dig deeper into the conflict, resulting in a mu...[Read More]

Falling Skies: The Game Review

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Little Orbit’s Falling Skies: The Game hits the nail on the head. Billing itself as a squad-based strategy title, the design and gameplay feel very reminiscent of a similar award-winning title where humans battle against an alien horde. Though not as strong as other titles of the same vein, Falling Skies does bring a few unique angles to the board. F...[Read More]

Limited Edition Presale Package for HARDWARE: Shipbreakers

I’ve played some RTS games in my day but admittedly I’m not very good at them. There are a lot of very good RTS games and they all require concentration and careful planning. Of course, there are games where you have to make decisions on the fly when something unexpected happens. 

Dawn of Fantasy (PC) Slated for June 3 Release

Fantasy MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy, currently being developed by Reverie World Studios, was announced today to have a new publisher and release date.

Steam Sale: Men of War

It is 75% off. It is awesomesauce in digital form. It is less than FOUR DOLLARS!! seriously, go get it! :D

Review: Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

It’s been over a decade long wait, but Starcraft finally has the sequel it deserves in one of Blizzard’s most polished games ever. Starcraft 2 has been split up into a trilogy of three games, the first being “Wings of Liberty,” which focuses on the story of Jim Raynor, his revolution against Arcturus Mengsk, and the fate of Kerrigan and the Zerg Swarm.

Age of Empires Online Announced

Microsoft has today announced and revealed a trailer for the next game in one of their most popular franchies, Age of Empires, with Age of Empires Online. But you’ll have to excuse me if I sound a little underwhelmed.

Review: Incognito Episode 1 (PC)

As I sat down and installed the first episode of Incognito, I felt a wave of disappointment come over me. I thought to myself, “Great! I volunteered for this?” But the PC game, developed by Magrathean Technologies in Vancouver, BC was much more than I could have ever thought it would be!

Starcraft II Wings of Liberty – Early Impressions

So Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty came out earlier this week; Just another PC game with no expectations, no fan base, and no legacy to live up to. All kidding aside, the multiplayer gave us a pretty good idea of how Starcraft II was going to play. What we didn’t know, however, is the amount of polish that awaited us in the campaign.

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