Dimension Drive (Switch) Review

Bullet hell. Arcade shooters. Shoot-em-ups. All these mean one thing, lots of bullets and usually a high level of difficulty. I’ve always had a fondness for this genre, one with roots in the arcades, but I never was as skilled as some of my friends. Shoot-em-ups in particular I find endearing with their adorable style and crushing challenges. All these years of shmups though and there hasn’t been ...[Read More]

Review: Alpha Mission II (PSN)

Flying and shooting and dying.

Radiant Silvergun coming to XBLA

I’ve failed to impress upon you the adoration I have for Ikaruga.  I recognize that failing, and apologize for it.  Allow me to rectify (hehe, rectify) this by saying that I LOVE IKARUGA.  With that being said, my heart skipped a beat today when I saw that Radiant Silvergun, the game which Ikaruga drew heavily from, will be released as an exclusive to XBLA in 2011.

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