WoW, Just WoW Pt. 2

Some of you might remember my post from 6 days ago about the kid freaking out that his Mom cancelled his World of Warcraft account. Apparently it wasn’t, but that just means we are given the opportunity to laugh some more at this sad kid and his addiction to WoW. This morning I get up, get on AIM, and Chris  sends me a link to this wonderful gem on Youtube…. I will say that my favorite...[Read More]

WoW, just WoW

Normally I don’t look at links that are posted on Twitter, but when I saw a recent post from Ashton Kutcher about a kid having a love for World of Warcraft… my curiosity was intrigued. At first I thought that it was going to be just another video of some poor kid sitting in front of his computer, getting his jollies off to a female WoW character. What I got was far better than I could&...[Read More]

Happy Fathers Day

Today is Fathers Day, and instead of writing something detailing how Fathers play an important role in a childs life, I decided to let these funny videos do the talking. Enjoy, and have a Happy Fathers Day! – She Who Has The Last Word

Iranian Election

The last week has seen a veritable flood of support on Twitter for the Iranian presidential election protests occurring in Iran.  In brief, the incumbent president, Ahmadinejad defeated his opponent, Mousavi, by a very large margin (63% to 33%).  Many people have claimed that the election was rigged, and that the process was corrupt, sparking large and heated protests in Tehran, the capitol of Ira...[Read More]

Random Blurb…

The other day I was thinking about that Lady GaGa song “Poker Face.” In the song there is a part where, what sounds like a male voice, says something over and over but I can’t tell what it is. This is my take on it: The guy is saying “om nom, nom, nom!” So there you have it.. Lady GaGa supports Zombies with their career endeavours. P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker faceR...[Read More]

Great Moogly Googly!

For awhile now,  Chris and I have been talking about getting a cat. We both grew up having cats and dogs as pets, so having a kitten around would be great. About a week and a half ago, we met up with some friends at Sonic when they were having their Free Root Beer Float night. One of the guys who met up with us, @DanielDanger on Twitter, was talking about his two kittens. We had seen pictures and ...[Read More]

Wii Love You

For the past few days, I’ve been feeling an urge to get back and play Wii Fit. It’s been awhile and I’m normally a really lazy person so I don’t know why I felt like sweating, being sore, and making an ass out of myself. I was going to play it back on Tuesday, but Chris came home from work early so I didn’t bother with it. Today, however, was a different story. As the...[Read More]


17 years ago, the world was given Mortal Kombat; a video game that was partially responsible for the creation of the ESRB due to high levels of violence, blood, and gore.  Needless to say, it was a hit.  However, no game is perfect for its entire target audience, not even Mortal Kombat.  The question remains; how can the remaining target demographic be captured by the series?  It’s all a mat...[Read More]

The Man?

Damn the Man!  Fight the power!  Vive la Resistance! Wait…am I allowed to say that now?  For the last eight years, I was part of that group of people who could say stuff like that.  I was the revolution.  I was the oppressed masses.  I was the righteous anger. Now I’m the man; I’m the power.  I can’t say “Damn the Man!” anymore.  Why would I damn myself?  I can&...[Read More]

Subtle Advertising

Last night, Lindsey and I saw a very interesting Schick razor commercial for women.  I won’t do it the disservice of attempting to describe it with my paltry vocabulary.  Here it is in all of its glory: Brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant. -Because I said so

Shao Kahn is kinda pervy

Late last year, Lindsey and I came across an amazing video on YouTube showing Shao Kahn’s creepy perverted side near the end of a match between Sub-Zero and Liu Kang.  Poor Subby Wubby.  He shouldn’t have to put up with that kind of harassment. -Because I said so

What Font Are You?

I noticed an entry on the Fresno Beehive about this site and, having nothing else better to do while at work, I gave it a try.  My results: You are Times New Roman Dude. You have three names. You’re blue blood, old money, landed gentry, confident, assured; perhaps a tad old fashioned but you don’t let that bother you. Let the kids go crazy with their new fads — you prefer style t...[Read More]

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