EGLX First Impressions: Indie Games

This weekend is Enthisiast Gaming Live Expo (EGLX) in Toronto, Canada. The first thing you’ll notice is the massive eSports presence and the second thing you’ll notice is the indie games.

PAX East 2016: Furi Hands-On Preview

This past weekend was PAX East 2016, and it will not only my first conference as press, but my first major conference in general. Going into it, I had no idea of what to expect for the weekend. Lucky for me, my first appointment warmed me up and had me amped for the weekend. My first appointment was with The Game Bakers, an indie studio based out of France, and their game Furi.

Prominence Poker Steam Closed Beta Code Giveaway (Get One Before It’s Gone!)

Gaming doesn’t always have to be about the bang bang slice curse word explosions. Sometimes we just need some traditional gaming presented in cool ways. That’s where Prominence Poker comes in. The Closed Beta is getting in full swing and we have quite a few codes to hand out.

Use Psychic Abilities to Decide Humanities Fate in Selenon Rising

It is now several hundred years after earth was conquered by a powerful alien race the Selenon that reside on the dark side of the moon, only a single city was left standing.  You play as Violet, an agent of the Bureau ,the organization that works to keep the Selenon appeased by capturing or destroying advanced technology.  She is also an esper – a psychic that can read emotions. Using her i...[Read More]

Sega Mega Drive Bedroom Simulator Coming Soon

While it has been in the works for a bit, Sega is trying to make a name for themselves by bringing the classics to the modern era. The Mega Drive Classics Hub (which is more commonly known as the Genesis in America) seeks to put players in the bedroom of a kid obsessed with Sega. This will be a free experience available on Steam, which will legally grant access to just about every Mega Drive Rom o...[Read More]

ARK: Survival Evolved Gets New Steam Update

Spiders, and Mantas, and Direbears OH MY! Studio Wildcard has a busy weekend planned with PAX East 2016. (If you haven’t seen the schedule check it out here!) They are here to prove that even though they are busy, they’re not afraid to add to that hecticness! Yesterday they announced a new update will be coming to the Steam version of ARK: Survival Evolved and it is filled to the brim!...[Read More]

Attack On Titan Game Release Date Announced

Koei Tecmo have given the day when humanity will know their place as cattle.

SUPERHOT leaves its mark. Literally.

Well know for its original game play and art style, SUPERHOT brought a refreshing change to the often played out FPS genre. With its surprising release, this unique game has left its mark on the gaming world; In the best way possible. Recently, SUPERHOT has left a different kind of mark in the Polish city of Lodz. Artists work together to bring the iconic crystalline antagonists to new heights in ...[Read More]

Torn Banner Studios Reveal New Title

In Mirage: Arcane Warfare, the calm of a strange fantasy world is shattered by ruthless civil war. Warriors armed with steel and magic bring violence and death as they do battle across a fantastical Arabian and Persian-inspired setting of desert sands, market bazaars and grand palaces.

PAX South 2016 Preview – Road to Ballhalla

I’ll start off by saying I love puzzle games. I also love what Tiny Build brings to the gaming world. The trailer for Road to Ballhalla made me want to play the game, which you can see below in this hands-on preview.

Heroes Reborn: Gemini

Heroes Reborn: Gemini is a first-person action-adventure game. Along with Heroes Reborn: Enigma, Gemini serves as a prequel to Heroes Reborn. It was designed by Phosphor and is headed by Imperative Entertainment.

Fallout 4 Glitch Has Us Seeing Double

Or triple. Or 100s. However many times you want to do it determines that. Using the trusty furry companion, you can multiply almost any item in the game as much as you would like. This glitch is accessible early in the game. The video will go into greater details, but I will give you barebones. What you must do is drop the item and then send your dog to an area away from your immediate area. Then,...[Read More]

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