Fallout 4 Glitch Has Us Seeing Double

Or triple. Or 100s. However many times you want to do it determines that. Using the trusty furry companion, you can multiply almost any item in the game as much as you would like. This glitch is accessible early in the game. The video will go into greater details, but I will give you barebones. […]

Legend of Kay Anniversary Review

I am going to start this review with an aside. I like bad games. I like finding the charm in imperfect creations. For God’s sake, I 1000G’d BCFX: Black College Football: The X-perience: The Doug Williams Edition, (Yes, that is a real game. Yes, that is the full title.) but man… Legend of Kay Anniversary was rough, from beginning […]

Hand of Fate Review

Ever since Hand of Fate went to early access on Steam I’ve put in a lot of time with the game. At the beginning I could never get past the first boss, but hey–this style of game was new to me. I’ve never seen a game take the idea of a card game, add in […]

Falling Skies: The Game Review

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Little Orbit’s Falling Skies: The Game hits the nail on the head. Billing itself as a squad-based strategy title, the design and gameplay feel very reminiscent of a similar award-winning title where humans battle against an alien horde. Though not as strong as other titles of the […]

More from C2E2: Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Regin

While at C2E2 this past weekend, I wasn’t just talking about action figures and ogling Spandex-clad gentlemen. While this convention is mostly about comics, there are usually some games on display there as well. I got to chat with some of the team from D3 Publisher, which is the company that brought us one of […]

Review: TowerFall Ascension (PC)

Over the years, I’ve bemoaned the disappearance of local multiplayer in video games. Most of this was due to the fact that my household only had one Xbox 360, but two heavy gamers. This resulted in either one person sitting to the side for a indeterminate period of time, or both people playing from a […]

Preview: Cloudbuilt (PC)

For some time I’ve been playing Cloudbuilt. What is Cloudbuilt, you ask? Cloudbuilt is Rising Star’s and Coilworks’ upcoming Steam green-lit title; a link is available at the end of the post. With Cloudbuilt releasing soon, we are here with a hands-on preview of the game. As for my first impressions of the game, I […]

Resident Evil 4 HD (PC) Giveaway

Have you been wanting to play Resident Evil 4 HD, but haven’t had the chance to purchase the game? Here at Marooners’ Rock you know we’re here to help you the gamer out when it comes to fun games. As you can guess already the giveaway for this week will be for Resident Evil 4 […]

LocoCycle Coming to Xbox 360 and Steam

How many of you are Twisted Pixel fans? If you haven’t played their games yet, this is a great time to get started. Don’t own an Xbox One, and upset that you can’t experience their latest release, LocoCycle? Don’t worry, because today, Twisted Pixel announced that LocoCycle will be coming to Xbox 360 and Steam! LocoCycle […]

Review: The Banner Saga (Steam via PC, Mac, Linux)

The chill of winter’s bite digs deep into your bones. The snow is thick and covered in blood. The drums of battle sound in a rhythmic pace. Looking from side to side you see your brothers in arms breathing heavily, their breath visible in the cold northern air. Enemies surround you, yet you can tell […]

Review: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (PC)

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was easily one of my favorite games of 2013. I had the pleasure of reviewing it on the Xbox 360 platform, and found myself, for the first time, truly loving a Metal Gear game. A lot of this may have been due to Platinum Games having their hands in on the game’s […]

Review: Sanctum 2 (XBLA)

When it comes to games I’m always on the lookout for a one that may or may not kick my ass as I play it. One game I’ve been playing lately has been the game Sanctum 2, which you can find on Xbox Live and Steam. If you have ever wanted a game that was part […]

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