Geek Thought of the Week: Five Things X-Men First Class Must Do to Succeed

I’ve been thinking about this lately. The X-Men film series is screwed. It has been for a while. The first two films, while taking liberty with the vast X-Men universe, were good films in their own right that could be watched by people who have never before read about Sniktbub and his amazing adventures. But with X-Men: The Last Stand, things started going all crap shaped. Too many character...[Read More]

Review: X-Men Arcade (XBLA)

I am an experienced time traveler. Unfortunately, triggering my travels through time is beyond my conscious control. I must rely on external factors to throw me into the past. Yesterday, one such external factor threw me back to an arcade  in Oklahoma City in the early 1990s. Yesterday, I picked up my Xbox 360 controller and played the Backbone Entertainment’s XBLA release of Konami’s ...[Read More]

See The Evolution of a Zoo Game

Zoo Game’s indiePub division has released a trailer which showcases how feedback from the community helps a game progress from concept to launch.

Cry for the Moon with Japanese X-Men

About an hour ago I tweeted about a video so hilarious, it made me cry. Because I love you all so much, I feel that I should share this video.

New X-Men movie casts everyone in the world

Oliver Platt, Rose Byrne and Jason Flemyng are enrolling in First Class along with the other 1.2 billion people cast so far.

Why I Hate the X-Men Movies

Ever since 2000, I have had a major thorn in my side, and you can blame the people behind the X-Men movies for that. As something I’ve always held dear to my heart, the X-Men series is that of legend. It’s truly epic, and shouldn’t be tampered with. For years I had been wanting to see my favorite characters up on the big screen, and when it finally happened, I wanted to die.

Shelf of Heroes (and Villains)

Lindsey and I both love comic books and nerd culture.  We were both born nerds, grew up as nerds, and will pass our nerdish traditions down to any little nerdlings we may have in the future as best we can.  As nerds, we also love little collectibles like statues, bobbleheads, figures, busts, etc. This is a shelf on our center DVD bookshelf.  It contains most (but not all) of our comic and movie re...[Read More]

Donnie the…dog?

We were sitting here watching TV with the sliding glass door slightly open so that I could listen to the rain (it was coming down very heavily), when suddenly we see a bright flash of lightning, followed by a loud blast of thunder.  Suddenly, a shaking Donnie jumped up on us like a child looking for safety from the big loud scary noises. And here I was under the impression that we had a dog, not a...[Read More]

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