SEGA Announces Valkyria Chronicles 4 and a North America Release!

Apparently, SEGA believes in Thanksgiving gifts, or very early Christmas presents, because they gave gamers one today with the surprise announcement of Valkyria Chronicles 4 for a North America and European release! Ten years since the original Valkyria Chronicles hit the PS3, a new chapter of the main storyline is coming to consoles!

Forts – PAX East 2017 Hands On Preview

Physics based games always get me excited. As soon as I learned about Forts, a physics-based battle game, I personally volunteered for this one at PAX East 2017 back in March.

SteamWorld Heist Steamworld Heist

You got tactics in my platformer! I’ve always had a fondness for turn based strategy games. From Civilization games to Final Fantasy Tactics to Tabletop RPGs they have always found a way to draw me in. So I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this game was a turn based strategy game, though it looks like a 2D platformer. Throw in some Angry Birds or Worms Armageddon and you have Steamworld ...[Read More]

Review: Dungeon Defenders (XBLA)

Etheria’s heroes have captured the Old Ones within Etheria Cores, preventing them from spreading their evil across the lands. With the kingdom at peace, the adventurers have set off to confront other dangers, leaving their younger siblings behind to guard the realm. Through unfortunate accident, the evil hordes become aware of the Etheria Cores and begin a merciless onslaught bent on freeing...[Read More]

Review: Orcs Must Die! (XBLA)

There are fantasy worlds in which orcs are noble creatures. Valiant, peaceful, and in harmony with nature, these orcs are worthy of respect and admiration. While I do appreciate the effort that has gone in to bringing a modicum of civility and gentility to a stereotypically barbarous and bloodthirsty race, my orcs of choice have always been, and always will be, Tolkien orcs. Orcs Must Die!, as you...[Read More]

Review: From Dust (XBLA)

2011’s Xbox LIVE Summer of Arcade had a strong opening last week with Bastion. Tomorrow, the second entry in this year’s Summer of Arcade goes live: From Dust, Ubisoft’s “spiritual heir” to Populous. Created by Eric Chahi, creator of early 90s classic Out of This World, From Dust is at its core a strategy/puzzle game, solved by using a first-person god-like perspectiv...[Read More]

Review: CreaVures (Steam)

About a week ago, I got one of Steam's announcements for a new puzzle-platformer, CreaVures, from Muse Games. As soon as I saw the first moments of the trailer, I knew I was going to buy this game! Imagine my surprise, when I received an email the next day, offering me a chance to review it! Sweeeeeeet!

Robot Announces First Original Game, Action-Strategy “Orcs Must Die”

I like a good Tower Defense game; at least, I like it for about half an hour before I get bored sitting there just building structure after structure. If I wanted to do that, I’d have been an engineer. Why can’t I have it both ways, killing waves of baddies with my towers and killing waves of baddies with my BARE HANDS? Having just announced their first original game, the action-strate...[Read More]

Review: Puzzle Expedition (DS)

Puzzle games are a dime a dozen these days, but it’s rare when one requires the gamer to think logically and strategically. Puzzle Expedition by MumboJumbo Games for the Nintendo DS is just that. With 90 levels to go through, Puzzle Expedition takes gamers on a hunt for a missing father, and delivers plenty of chances to make your brain explode.

Shogun 2: Total War’s Release Date!

Finally, Sega’s Shogun 2 gets a release date!

Steam Sale: Men of War

It is 75% off. It is awesomesauce in digital form. It is less than FOUR DOLLARS!! seriously, go get it! :D

Review: Chocolatier: Sweet Society (FB)

For the past 48 hours, I’ve been binging on Chocolatier: Sweet Society by PlayFirst for Facebook. I’m already hooked, and I know that no good can come of this. I know, it was only a couple of weeks ago where I ranted about people playing games on Facebook, but I stayed true to my word and I haven’t been flooding my friends with status updates. Had I chosen to do that, my friends ...[Read More]

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