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Snake Pass (Nintendo Switch) Review

PAX East had a ton of great games at this year’s event, that much is certain. Standing out in that condensed environment is incredibly difficult, even for larger companies, but a few managed to grab my attention. Snake Pass was one such game that really stood out to me, probably mostly due to me getting to actually play it during my press appointment with Sumo Digital. I only got to play for...[Read More]

Sumo Digital’s Snake Pass Let’s Players be a Snake

Back on the N64 and PSOne, there was a trend in the 3D platforming genre. Oftentimes players had to collect all sorts of trinkets in order to progress, with levels having multiple tiers of things to grab while exploring. A great example of this is Banjo Kazooie, a game that can only be progressed by getting so many Jiggies. Spyro the Dragon had elements of this as well, as the last boss battle was...[Read More]

Review: SEGA Rally Online Arcade (XBLA)

I hate racing sim games. I can’t stand Gran Turismo, and I’m not a fan of Forza. There’s one major element in a racing game that I look for before anything else, and unfortunately it is absolutely lacking in the simulation racing genre: FUN. Arcade racing games have that one crucial element in spades, with games like blur, Burnout, Need for Speed, and the classic SEGA Rally serie...[Read More]

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