Super Mario

Super Mario Odyssey PAX West 2017 Hands-On Preview

Cappy has captured our hearts and Super Mario Odyssey has proven to be a show stopper at PAX West! With Super Mario Odyssey being one of the most highly anticipated games of 2017, it’s no secret that I was dying to get my hands on it at PAX West. I don’t think there was any other game on the show floor that I was more looking forward to or more excited to play than Super Mario Odyssey. Because of ...[Read More]

E3 2017 Hands-On: Super Mario Odyssey

Having completed E3 2017, I thought it wise to reflect and think back on all the incredible games and experiences I’ve had in the past week. One of the topics I was most excited to ponder was what would be my Game of the Show 2017. I anticipated struggling and going back and forth with certain titles, but when it came down to it, my answer was already firmly decided. Super Mario Odyssey is, ...[Read More]

Super Mario Adventures Graphic Novel Announced!

Fun fact: did you know that there was a Mario Graphic Novel? There was, and it was called SUPER MARIO ADVENTURES. It originally appeared in twelve installments of Nintendo Power in 1992, from January to December. While it wasn’t exactly a retelling of any of the games, it was loosely based on Super Mario World, where many of the characters and enemies were similar, featuring Mario, Luigi, Toadstoo...[Read More]

Bad Nintendo Sales=Massive 3DS Price Cut

Sometimes I have difficulty figuring out just what I should be talking about in a given day. Thank you Nintendo for making today so very, very easy for me.

E3 2011: Super Mario 3DS

If it isn’t broken, you don’t fix it. You make improvements to it instead. At least that seems to be the concept behind the newly revealed Super Mario for the 3DS. Slated for release some time around the holiday season of this year, Super Mario for the 3DS seeks to incorporate the depth provided by the 3DS as well as power-ups both old and new to bring the world-famous plumber into the...[Read More]

Classic Games: Still great, or is it just nostalgia?

Last Tuesday, for my birthday, I whipped out my NES and played a beloved game from my childhood, Crystalis. At first I was pretty scared to pop it in, because what if I didn’t feel the same way about it anymore? What if the gameplay or story was too simplistic for my current gaming tastes? What if I don’t enjoy it, and those memories are ruined? As a little girl, I slept in the same be...[Read More]

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