Super Meat Boy

The End Is Nigh – From the Minds of Super Meat Boy

If there’s one indie developer I have enjoyed studying over the years, its Edmund McMillen. I was enamored with Binding of Isaac, relating to the darker themes at work and the addictive gameplay elements. While I never finished Super Meat Boy, it always came up during conversations about controls. I’ve even explored his archives, giving just about every game he’s been a part of a...[Read More]

IndieBox Brings Back Boxed PC Titles

I’ve always been a huge fan of physical games, which has led me to pursue a lot of special releases through companies like Merge Games or Limited Run. This is mostly how I expand my video game library on consoles, but there’s another company working on bringing back what made PC gaming so much more fun in its earliest days. IndieBox creates affordable collector’s edition games fo...[Read More]

Fenix Furia Review

Fenix Furia┬áby Green Lava Studios brings out the best and worst in its players. Imagine Super Meat Boy, with less meat and saw blades and more little green blobs that can cause death on touch. Unique to Fenix Furia is its infinite jump system, which I was unaware of going in blind until almost completely through the first world. Luckily enough, the game’s level design compliments the mechani...[Read More]

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