HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset PAX West Hands-On

I game and travel—A LOT. I also stream, host events, and (if I can’t sleep) game in bed. So, it’s important to me have a headset that is comfortable, reliable, and produces high quality sound so I can hear everything going on in my games. The HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset was released at the end of September, but before it was, I got a hands-on—or rather, head-on—preview of it. I can tell ...[Read More]

Ojo Switch Projector Dock is Genius

This is where I want to see the Switch thrive. Sure, having awesome games is a must and we still really need that Virtual Console, but there are few things more awesome than the accessory possibilities for the system. Yesojo, a Chinese company based out of Shenzhen, is working on what’s called the Ojo Projector. This magical dock will allow Switch players to project their gameplay to just ab...[Read More]

RapidX Gaming Chair Review

I’ll be honest – DXRacer has the gaming chair market knocked. It knows how to make a versatile, comfortable product, and has various models available for YouTube and other streaming stars to take advantage of. (It’s ideal for regular gamers as well, especially those looking for something convenient for the long-term.)

Logitech C922 Pro Webcam

Connect with superior clarity every time you go live on channels like Twitch and YouTube. Stream anything you want in your choice of 1080p or fluid HD 720p at 60fps. Broadcast your gameplay in full HD with integrated background replacement (Powered by Personify), reliable no-drop audio, autofocus, and a 78-degree field of view.

Logitech C922 Pro Webcam Review

When it came out in 2012, Logitech’s C920 webcam worked its magic on the market, gathering a number of fans that were looking to simplify their streaming game – even those that already had built-in webcams in their computer (like yours truly). But, of course, as time inevitably shows, there’s always room for a new model, and that’s where the newly released C922 comes into play.

Mimoco Powerbot Review

When I was given the opportunity to review Mimico’s Powerbot charger at PAX East 2016, I jumped at the chance. Who can’t use another portable charger these days? With PAX East killing batteries quickly and everyday life draining power it’s something worth checking out. Not to mention one that boasts 3 full phone charges of power that comes in cute animal shapes. I was sold, and picked the pa...[Read More]

GAEMS M155 Performance Gaming Monitor Review

When it comes to gaming on the go, most people turn to GAEMS’ line of monitors, either with the big, bulky Vanguard cases or the M240, both of which deliver fine performance when it comes to capturing that same experience (but without the couch, obviously). However, for those on a meager budget, there’s also the M155 Scout, which goes for $169. It has its fair share of limitations, lik...[Read More]

Logitech G920 Steering Wheel Review

A few years ago, Logitech made quite a name for itself by producing Gran Turismo-branded steering wheels for PlayStation consoles, creating an unmatched driving experience with ideal force feedback and the kind of “real” feeling that’s usually limited to deluxe arcade racing cabinets. Sure, it was expensive as heck, but the feeling you got from this wheel – with the right driving...[Read More]

Review: AVerMedia Game Capture HD II

For some time now I’ve been using AVerMedia’s latest product: Game Capture HD II, which adds a lot of cool features. Since this is the second in the series, I was excited to see what has changed since the first unit. The Game Capture HD had a lot of cool ideas and provided an interesting way to capture footage via component cables. To see one of my videos uploaded for the first unit you can click ...[Read More]

Review: Samsung Galaxy SIII

Lately, I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy SIII thanks to Verizon Wireless. When it comes to smartphones some people look for devices that are low in cost, great battery life, what applications work with it, and many other features. The Samsung Galaxy SIII had many features I liked as I used it for a short time. Now I know you must be thinking what is good and or bad about this smart phone? ...[Read More]

Review: MicroVision SHOWWX+ Laser Pico Projector

I love technology. I am a man of gadgets and gizmos, of thingamabob’s and doohickeys. I buy gadgets I don’t need simply because of the technological impressiveness of the gadget. Sometimes that works out great, and sometimes I end up with an expensive piece of decoration. If I had purchased the MicroVision SHOWWX+ laser pico projector currently being sold at ThinkGeek, I think I’...[Read More]

E3 2011: Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

Every now and then a game comes along that, while designed and marketed for a younger market, captures my interest and imagination in a uniquely satisfying way. No, I’m not talking about Barbie Horse Adventures. I’m talking about one of Activision’s E3 offerings, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure.

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