The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 – Xbox One Review

It’s been three years since the events at Beacon Mental Hospital and Sebastian Castellanos still hasn’t fully recovered. Sebastian left the Krimson City Police Department and is haunted by the disappearance of his wife and the death of his daughter. So what happens when a former partner turned Mobius agent comes to Sebastian and tells him that his daughter is alive and trapped inside a simulation?...[Read More]

New The Evil Within 2 Trailer Introduces the Wrathful, “Righteous” Priest

Bethesda has released a brand new trailer, the Wrathful, “Righteous” Priest, that focuses on Father Theodore, one of the human “monsters” who have made their way into the new STEM world in The Evil Within 2. According to the press release, Father Theodore is a master manipulator and is looking to get in protagonist Sebastian Castellanos’ way and prevent him from findi...[Read More]

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