Thumper Headed To Xbox One On August 18th

Thumper, the “rhythm violence” game by Drool, will finally be headed to Xbox One on August 18th, 2017. First launched on PC and PlayStation 4/PSVR in late 2016, and since launched on Nintendo Switch, Thumper has you controlling a space beetle that has to survive an on-rails rhythm game that is an assault on the senses. It is a very challenging and rewarding game that encourages you to ...[Read More]

Thumper (Nintendo Switch) Review

Last year at PAX East, I encountered a difficult game that I immediately fell in love with, Thumper. Something about this difficult, rhythm-based game hooked me and wouldn’t let go, while it was constantly punching me in the face. I loved it. Naturally, when it was announced for the Switch, I was thrilled and curious. This meant I could take it everywhere to play, but how well could it be executed...[Read More]

Thumper Release Date Announced For Switch

Drool’s ‘smash’ hit Thumper released the indomitable Krakhed into the world at the end of last year. While it has been a blast on the standard home console, I have always felt that it would be a good game to take with you, and rock out with on the go. While it is no major surprise since it has already been announced, Thumper is coming to the Nintendo Switch. However, today the release date has bee...[Read More]

Thumper Coming Soon To More Consoles Near You!

Last year at PAX East, one of my favorite games of the show was a rhythm hell violence game called Thumper. This show favorite carried over to one of my favorite full titles of the year, where I couldn’t put the game down while reviewing it. My only qualm was that it was for PC, and my gaming laptop couldn’t run it perfectly. (Yes I know it is also out for PS4, but I don’t have one.) This Spring, ...[Read More]


Thumper is rhythm violence: classic rhythm-action, blistering speed, and brutal physicality. You are a space beetle. Brave the hellish void and confront a maniacal giant head from the future.

Thumper Review

If someone told me that this would be the year of the unique rhythm game in January, I would have laughed at them. However, here we are. A while back I reviewed a rhythm RPG game, and now we have Thumper, a self titled “rhythm Hell” game.

PAX East 2016: Thumper Hands-On Preview

In the Indie Megabooth at PAX East this year, there were a ton of games. Only a few constantly had a crowd, and one of them just so happened to be one I had an appointment with. Say hello to Thumper, a rhythm-Hell game for Steam and PlayStation 4/ PlayStation VR. During my appointment, I had the opportunity to play through their demo, which I felt like took 20 minutes to go all the way through it,...[Read More]

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