Finally Home!

So right now… it is… *looks at clock in lower right corner of monitor* 3:01. We finally got home. The car with the gifts has been unloaded, I have used the restroom, got out of my uncomfortable dress, and am sitting in the chair at my desk – with the bed directly behind me. The bed beckons me. It says “Lindsey, come lay in me. I am so comfy. You love me so much, and I love ...[Read More]

Time To Go Home?

Oh man… 1 AM. Do we get to go home yet? Everybody really seems to be enjoying themselves, and they don’t show any signs of being tired. Maybe it’s all the strong black tea they are drinking and all of the sweets they are eating. Little sugar and caffeine junkies! …. just kidding. I can’t imagine we will be here much longer, so hopefully we will be homeward bound soon!...[Read More]

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