Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

By the time the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater was released onto the PlayStation, I had been a bona fide skateboarder for about two years. I picked it up late, because I didn’t properly move to California until 1997, and skateboarding was not exactly encouraged by my dad back home in Oklahoma City. In 1997, though, I started hanging out with a group of skateboarders in my freshman class, and ...[Read More]

Review: Infinity Blade (iOS)

Every now and then a platform is graced with a game that pushes the boundaries of what people thought it possible of. Infinity Blade is that game for iOS. Developed by Chair Entertainment, the same group that gave us the critically acclaimed XBLA games Undertow and Shadow Complex, Infinity Blade makes use of Epic Games’¬†Unreal engine to bring what is sure to be a memorable gaming experience ...[Read More]

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